I’m Still Job Searching

I'm still job searching
I'm still job searching
The search for a new job continues after leaving mine last month.

I’m still job searching after being out of work for the past month. I wrote last month that I had left my job. You can read that here. I’ve had multiple interviews and still have a few more in the coming weeks, so I do have some things in the pipeline. But I have been enjoying some downtime. Here is a brief overview of the past month.


As you might guess I’m way ahead on projects this year. With my newfound free time I have been doing a lot of work around the house and at our cabin. I have basically done a summer’s worth of work in the past month.

The front porch at our cabin is completed. I installed a new ceiling with a fan and lighting, and I ran some outdoor electrical outlets in the space.

I built outdoor furniture for our deck out of treated lumber. I made two couches, a coffee table, and an end table.

At home I finished all our landscaping and mulching. I’m also ahead of schedule on getting the garden planted.

Still to do are a few painting jobs and possibly resealing the driveway.

Job Searching

Job searching has gone about as expected. I’ve used a few different job search platforms and have been in contact with multiple recruiting agencies. Some jobs have been dead ends and others have led to at least a phone interview. I’ve had three in-person interviews so far, and I still have two more scheduled over the next week.

I would expect to receive an offer from at least one of the companies that I’ve spoken with. It may not be the ideal job, but it would be a paycheck until the right opportunity comes along. I’ve been wrestling with which way to take my career. Either another management job or perhaps take a step away from that for a while. The money is obviously better in management, but my last job taught me that money isn’t everything.

Taking a Break

Being off this past month has made me realize a few things. First, I used to work way too much. My health was suffering as a result, and it has been nice getting better sleep, not laying awake at night stressing over work, eating better, and exercising more.

I also learned not to chase things solely for the money. I made good money, but I certainly wasn’t happy. A lot of entrepreneurs say that they chased their passions and the money followed.

Finally, I learned that life is about balance. Being too caught up in work is not good. The rest of your life will suffer. Make sure to make time for other activities whether that be resting, exercising, or pursuing interests.

It looks like I won’t be off work for much longer, but it was a much-needed break, and it got me away from a toxic work environment. My approach to work may be different going forward.

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