The first 30 days at my new job

The First 30 Days at my New Job

The first 30 days at my new job have come and gone. I’m starting to catch on to things, but there is still so much to learn. My savings account is being replenished, and I’ve made a few financial moves. New job I’m in manufacturing, and we have an extensive product line. This makes for…

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I started a new job

I Started a New Job

I started a new job. I recently wrote about leaving my last job, and I was subsequently off the past couple months. It was a nice break, but I was ready to rejoin the workforce. Here is some reflection from my time off and from my new career. One week in This is only my…

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I'm still job searching

I’m Still Job Searching

I’m still job searching after being out of work for the past month. I wrote last month that I had left my job. You can read that here. I’ve had multiple interviews and still have a few more in the coming weeks, so I do have some things in the pipeline. But I have been…

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