Side Hustles That Take Less Than 2 Hours Per Day

side hustles that take less than 2 hours per day
side hustles that take less than 2 hours per day
There are countless ways to make extra money.

Are there any side hustles that take less than 2 hours per day? Picking up side work is a great way to make extra money, but are there any that you can do that won’t consume too much of your time? The answer is yes. Here are a few ideas.

Rent Your Things

Renting out things that you already own can be a great way to earn extra money, and some of them don’t require much of your time or effort.

Renting out unused space in a garage or shed can bring in good extra monthly income, and you won’t have to do much once a renter has their stuff stored in it. Neighbor can help you get started, and they even offer liability insurance should damage occur to something being stored on your property. They have a diverse offering of services and will help you rent out buildings, parts of your home, even driveways and vacant lots. As always, check local ordinances and with your insurance company before starting.

If you have an RV that you don’t use year-round, then you could rent it out. Consider RVshare if this sounds like an opportunity that might work for you. Their services offer insurance, roadside assistance, and a secure platform to make sure you get paid. You could compare this to Airbnb for RVs.

Keep in mind, that much like renting real estate, renting an RV will come with wear and tear. Expect to put at least some money back into your investment.


Freelancing can be a profitable way to make a side income. Best of all, you can set the terms of not only what type of work you want to do but also how much time you dedicate to it.

A classic freelance job is to do editing or writing, but you can do freelance work in nearly any arena if you have a skill that people will pay for. Mechanical repair, interior decorating, video editing, tutoring, and general contracting work are just a few ideas for freelance work.

Fiverr, U pwork,and Freelancer are a few of the websites that you can go to showcase your talents and find potential clients.


Buying items at estate sales and flea markets and then reselling them can be profitable if you have an eye for value. Many items have value with collectors, and if you know what to look for, then you can flip items for a handsome profit.

A lot of people simply want to get rid of unwanted items, or they don’t know the true value of what they have. If you can identify items that have value, then you can buy them deeply discounted and resell them on a platform such as eBay for a nice markup.

Pick an item or a category of items and study how much they are selling for online. Then, seek out these items at garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets. This can take as little or as much time as you want to dedicate to it. A couple of hours at an estate sale might yield several hundred dollars in profit if you know what to look for.

Look for Valuable Comic Books to Sell

Do you watch Storage Wars? Ever watched Antiques Roadshow?  Those shows are about people vetting junk and forgotten items to find valuable collectibles to sell.

You can use the same concept with comic books.  There are collectors out there who will pay top dollar for certain comic books.

You don’t need to be a comic book expert to understand what makes a comic book ultra-valuable or worth a few bucks.  It should be rare, aesthetically in good condition, signed by a creator, written or drawn by specific creators, or feature fan-favorite storylines, amongst some other factors.

If you have a stash of old comic books or want to go looking for cheap ones to flip, there is a way to check their current market value online for free.  A lot of vendors have online comic book price guides which are free.

It’s a quick and free way to help you find out whether you have a valuable comic book on your hands.


Are there any side hustles that take less than 2 hours per day? There are countless ways to make money. These are just a few ideas with lower barriers to entry that you can try. How are you profiting from side hustles?

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