Brian Lesko

Are Green Investments Really Making a Difference?

Are green investments really making a difference? Anyone who chooses to invest their money in companies focused on sustainability and environmental protection wants to know the answer to this question. Investing can be complicated, and green investing is no exception. Here is a closer look at the subject. What is Green Investing? Green investing is […]

5 Habits of Wealthy People

The habits of wealthy people are something that you should emulate if you want to build wealth and rise above typical middle-class behavior. Many wealthy people follow similar patterns that help them build and keep wealth. Following just a few of their habits can help you kickstart your wealth-building journey. Pay Yourself First You may […]

5 Essential Concepts that Every Adult Should Master

Here are 5 essential financial concepts that every adult should master. Not everyone has to be an expert at all things finance, but everyone should at least master a few basic concepts. Budget Everyone should have a budget. Not everyone needs to be on a strict budget, but you should at least know your expenses […]

Three Places to Put Your Money

Here are three places to put your money. The economy has been slowing, inflation is still high, and there is a sense of uncertainty gripping the nation. So, where can you put your money to work? Here are a few ideas. Cash Now is a great time to be a saver. The Fed has raised […]

Do You Have a Wealthy Mindset?

Do you have a wealthy mindset? How do wealthy people become and stay rich? Not everyone follows the same path to wealth, but there are a few mindsets that can help you plant the seeds of a rich life. Keep reading to learn more. Your Network is Your Net Worth Wealthy people are often selective […]

Thinking About Investing in Gold? Check this Gold Buyers Checklist First.

If you are thinking about investing in gold, then there are a few things that you need to consider before making your purchase.  I’ve made a gold buyers checklist to cross out before you buy.  Please note that whether or not gold is a good investment, or whether or not you should invest in gold, […]

Are You Self-Sufficient?

Are you self-sufficient? Do you consider yourself handy or mechanically inclined? Are you able to fix things when they break? Being more self-sufficient can save you money and give you greater pride of ownership and sense of accomplishment. Becoming Independent If you own a car and a home, then inevitably something is going to go […]

Personal Finance Evaluation

It’s a good time to do a personal finance evaluation. I started a new job about two months ago after being out of work for a couple of months. Now that I have a few paychecks under my belt, I have a good sense of where the numbers fall. Saving and Investing As before, my […]

What do you Need to Secure a Peddler’s License?

What do you need to secure a peddler’s license? What is a peddler’s license? Here is a brief overview on the subject if you are interested in obtaining one. What is a Peddler’s License? A peddler is another name for a traveling vendor. You have probably seen stands selling everything from merchandise to food outside […]

What Is The Best Day Of The Month To Buy Stocks?

What is the best day of the month to buy stocks? This is an interesting question, and there actually have been some studies done on the subject. We will have a look at this and determine if you might benefit from investing at certain times.  What it comes down to is the best day of […]