What do you Need to Secure a Peddler’s License?

What do you need to secure a peddler’s license?
What do you need to secure a peddler’s license?
Running a mobile business can be lucrative.

What do you need to secure a peddler’s license? What is a peddler’s license? Here is a brief overview on the subject if you are interested in obtaining one.

What is a Peddler’s License?

A peddler is another name for a traveling vendor. You have probably seen stands selling everything from merchandise to food outside of stadiums, at fairs, and near any major event or gathering.

It is a low-cost way to start and operate a mobile business. But, like any business, you will need proper licenses and permits to legally operate.

Obtaining a Peddler’s License

In most municipalities, a peddler’s license is the same thing as a business license. The main difference is that a business license is tied to a specific location or website while a peddler’s license covers businesses that move and don’t have a permanent location.

Applying for a Peddler’s License

You will have to check local laws and regulations, and possibly multiple municipalities should your business travel farther than your local area. The first step is to check if you need to be bonded. Many cities require that business owners obtain a Surety Bond.

A Surety Bond is a legally binding contract between a government entity, a business owner, and a third party. It is a way to make business owners comply with regulations and to fulfilling work obligations. It also provides recourse should a contract be broken.

Next, you will need some personal documents. Typically, you will need proof of bond, a valid ID, and a criminal record report. There could be additional licenses or requirements depending on what you will be selling. Preparing food for instance may require compliance with health code standards.

As always, check the local and state governments where you plan to do business. Every area could be different and require different licenses or certifications.

In Closing

What do you need to secure a peddler’s license? The process isn’t complicated, but you will need to be bonded and have some basic forms of identification. Selling goods and services from a mobile platform can allow you to chase customers wherever they may be. This isn’t for everyone, but it can be lucrative if done right.

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