Republican Party on the Brink of ‘Extinction,’ Political Expert Warns

Following Ronna McDaniel’s resignation as the Republican National Committee (RNC) chair, with Lara Trump potentially stepping into the role, a political analyst has labeled the situation as a sign of “extinction” for the Republican Party. 

End of an Era

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McDaniel, who announced her departure on Monday amid a flurry of criticism and rumors about her leadership ending, is Senator Mitt Romney’s niece. Chosen by Donald Trump in 2017, her time at the RNC was ruined by financial woes and a series of electoral defeats since 2020. 

Trump’s Discontent and Support

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Trump recently expressed his discontent with McDaniel and threw his support behind Michael Whatley, the North Carolina Republican Party chair and RNC’s general counsel, to be the next chairman, and proposed his daughter-in-law, Lara, for co-chair.

RNC’s New Chapter

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William F. Hall, an adjunct professor at Webster University, expressed disbelief to Newsweek at the thought of Trump’s daughter-in-law being considered for a key role, cautioning that such a move could plunge the party into chaos. 

A Path to Extinction?

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He lamented, “Regretfully and also very sadly, it now genuinely appears that the former American political party, formerly known and referred to as the ‘Grand Old Party’ (GOP), may well now be headed the down the path toward extinction, similar to the former American political party known as the: ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ political party.” 

Historical Significance at Risk

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He further added, “The very notion that this former great, historic American political party, the political party of the Abolitionist Movement that championed against slavery and the party of Abraham Lincoln, would even contemplate the possibility of installment of a relative of one of the leading candidates for both the Party’s Presidential nomination and potentially, the Office of the President, is in my view, is not only inconceivable….as well as truly indicative of a former once great major American political party, now in total free fall and in total and complete disarray.”

Reflecting on Seven Years at the RNC

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Reflecting on her tenure, McDaniel shared, “It has been the honor and privilege of my life to serve the Republican National Committee for seven years as Chairwoman to elect Republicans and grow our Party.” 

McDaniel’s departure is set for March 8, shortly after Super Tuesday. 

Trouble Ahead

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Christopher Phelps, a modern American history professor at the University of Nottingham, warns that Ronna McDaniel’s departure could spell trouble for the RNC due to her valuable experience and connections. 

The Blame Game

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He explained to Newsweek, “The RNC’s fundraising is at a very low ebb, and Donald Trump has cast blame on the outgoing RNC chair, Ronna McDaniel, so out she goes. But McDaniel was well-experienced, having served since 2017, and accordingly very well-networked among Republican big-money sources.”

Who’s to Blame? 

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Phelps also emphasized the critical test ahead: determining whether the issue lay with McDaniel herself or the agenda she was promoting. 

Funding the Future of the GOP


He posed a crucial question: “Is the Republican donor class actually willing to pay Trump’s lawyers and court fees, or is that the very problem? Would they prefer to be funding an RNC that is actually focused on winning campaigns? If Trump himself is the problem, naming a Trump to the task is not likely to turn things around.”

A ‘Smart’ Move

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Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy praised Ronna McDaniel’s decision to resign as RNC chairwoman as a wise move. Speaking on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” McCarthy expressed his gratitude for McDaniel’s contributions, remarking, “I think this is a smart move on her part.”

Unity and Revival

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He voiced his support for Donald Trump’s preferred successors, Michael Whatley and Lara Trump, describing this change as a step towards revitalization and unity ahead of the upcoming election. 

‘I like what I’m seeing;

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McCarthy emphasized the importance of unity within the party, stating, “I like what I’m seeing. I want to see more unity within the party…. We need to reach out and have more people join with us, from independents and Democrats that want to really look at the America they want to see going forward, they want to see for themselves and their children.”

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