Mariam A.

Tennessee Blocks 500,000 People From Voting in the Upcoming Presidential Election

Close to half a million Tennesseans are set to lose their voting rights in the upcoming presidential election, as new regulations make regaining these rights more challenging. Now, certain felons will face greater difficulties in having their voting rights reinstated. Tougher Voting Laws for Felons In Tennessee, those convicted of specific felonies (regardless of the…

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Trump’s Conviction Would’ve Been Secured if Voting Was Anonymous, Says Filipkowski

Never-Trump conservative, legal expert, and former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski suggested that the visible nature of the impeachment vote saved Trump from conviction. Trump’s Narrow Escape?  Former President Trump’s defense in the election case leans heavily on a claim of absolute presidential immunity, arguing he had the freedom to act as he did.  Courtroom Confrontation…

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Former US President Donald Trump departs during a break in the civil fraud trial against the Trump Organization, at the New York State Supreme Court in New York City on December 7, 2023. Former US President Donald Trump was back in court on December 7, 2023, for his New York civil trial on fraud allegations, once again condemning the process as unfair. Trump, the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, and his two eldest sons are accused of inflating the value of their real estate assets to receive more favorable bank loans and insurance terms. (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP)

Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh Will “Step Up” to Ensure Trump Remains on the Ballots, Trump’s Lawyer Claims

In the lead-up to a Supreme Court ruling with major implications for the 2024 election, Trump’s attorney “has faith in them” to rule in favor of Trump, stating: “The law on this is very clear.” Will the Supreme Court Favor Trump? Alina Habba, an attorney for President Donald Trump, discussed Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s role as…

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Colorado City Ends Funding for Migrants, Blames State and Federal Neglect for the Budget Shortfall

Authorities in Aurora, Colorado, have put a pause on financial aid for migrants, pointing fingers at the state and federal government for the shortfall in funds. Denver’s Migrant Welcome: Sustainable? Even though it’s not a border state like Texas, Arizona, or California, Colorado has been hit hard by the wave of undocumented entrants. Denver, the…

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