Gen Z Unexpectedly Shows Support for Trump

A lot of Gen Z voters think Donald Trump could really shake things up for the better if he gets back into the White House after the November election, a recent poll suggests. 

Can Trump Win Over the Youth?

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Republicans haven’t had much luck winning over young voters, who usually lean towards more progressive or liberal policies. 

However, recent surveys of the 2024 electorate hint that Trump, still leading the race for the Republican presidential nomination against Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina Governor and United Nations Ambassador, is starting to win over Gen Z voters. This group’s backing is key for President Joe Biden as he aims for a second term.

Gen Z’s Optimism for Trump

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A recent Harvard CAPS/Harris poll revealed that Gen Z voters are pretty optimistic about Trump, believing he could positively shake up politics if he beats Biden.

65% of Young Voters Back Trump

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When asked whether they see Trump as a force for good or a threat to democracy, a whopping 65% of 18 to 24-year-olds said they think he’d “shake up the country for the better.” 

Only 35% tagged him as a “danger to democracy.” 

2024’s Youth Vote 

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This survey, which included 2,022 registered voters and was conducted from February 21 to 22, sheds light on the young electorate’s perspective.

Youthful Hope for Change

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The survey revealed a noteworthy trend across all age groups except those 65 and older, with the majority believing that Trump would bring about positive change by shaking up the country. 

Gen Z stood out, showing the strongest support for this viewpoint. 

Rising Appeal Among Youth

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Overall, 56% of participants felt Trump’s impact would be positive, while 44% viewed him as a threat. This data, highlighting a shift in some Democrats’ attitudes towards Trump since 2020, serves as a stark warning for Biden, especially with young voters. 

Time for Fresh Democratic Leadership?

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Biden faces scrutiny over his age and calls for fresher leadership within the Democratic Party. His policies on student loan relief and his stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict have particularly distanced young voters, who demand more decisive action on these fronts.

Climate and Loans

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Despite the mixed views, other surveys show Biden still holds the lead among young voters, suggesting that Trump’s positions on Israel, student loans, and climate change might not deter those disappointed with Biden’s performance on these fronts. 

Trump’s Edge with Young Voters

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Interestingly, this particular poll shows Trump ahead with 18 to 24-year-olds, capturing 51% of their intended votes for November. Biden trails with 42%, and 7% of these voters are still on the fence.

Biden’s Narrow Lead 

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Despite the mixed signals from various polls, one recent survey presents a more favorable view for President Biden among young voters, highlighting a narrow lead over former President Trump. 

Under 35 Voters

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In this Axios-Generation Lab poll targeting voters under 35, Biden has a slight edge, with 52% of respondents ready to vote for him against Trump’s 48%, if the election were held today. 

Interestingly, 70% of these young voters are either definitely voting or likely to, while 30% seem less inclined. 

Biden’s 2020 Youth Victory

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This poll adds to a growing list that shows a tight competition between Biden and Trump for the support of young voters, a group that played a crucial role in Biden’s 2020 victory, where he notably outperformed Trump by a 20 percentage point margin according to a Pew Research Center analysis.

Appeal to Voters Under 30

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Amidst fluctuating poll results, a December New York Times/Siena survey showed Trump outpacing Biden by 6 percentage points among voters under 30, indicating a potential shift in young voters’ preferences. 

Biden’s Favor 

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This trend seemed consistent with an NBC News poll in November, where Trump had a 4-point lead among voters under 35. However, the latest Axios survey offers a brighter spot for Biden, especially among the most committed voters. 

Specifically, among the 42% who are certain they’ll vote in November, a commanding 63% favor Biden.

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