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Trump Barred from Illinois GOP Primary by Judge Over January 6 Actions

Cook County’s Judge Tracie Porter ruled on Wednesday to exclude Former President Donald Trump from the Illinois Republican primary ballot slated for March 19.  Not Suitable to Hold Office  The judge’s ruling is based on Trump’s alleged role in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot, implying that he is not suitable to hold the presidential […]

California Governor Newsom Initiates Campaign Against Republican States’ Abortion Restrictions

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has initiated a new television advertising campaign targeting conservative states’ restrictions on abortion travel.  Restricting Women’s Freedom These ads accuse conservative officials of restricting women’s access to reproductive care by imposing travel restrictions. A compelling Ad The campaign kicked off on Sunday with a compelling ad aired during NBC’s “Meet […]

Trump Pays Nearly $400K Legal Bill to The New York Times After Losing Tax Documents Lawsuit

Donald Trump has paid nearly $400,000 to The New York Times, covering the legal expenses incurred by the newspaper due to his unsuccessful legal challenge concerning the exposure of his tax details in a 2018 publication. Court’s Decision Last month, a judge mandated the former president to make payment after his lawsuit was nullified in […]

Judge Denies Trump’s Appeal for Delay in Defamation Suit Payment

The judge presiding over Donald Trump’s defamation lawsuit filed by E. Jean Carroll has denied the former president’s request to postpone payment of damages. Legal Motion Filed   Alina Habba, representing Trump, filed a motion on Friday urging Judge Lewis Kaplan to pause the former president’s obligation to pay Carroll $83.3 million for statements made in […]

Russian Role in Biden Allegations Resurfaces: Ex-Spy Says, “The Recent Revelations Show That We Were Prescient”

 The Justice Department’s recent disclosures have reignited discussions about the potential involvement of the Russian government in circulating unverified claims regarding Joe and Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine.  False Information The department has spotlighted a former FBI informant’s efforts to disseminate false information detrimental to President Joe Biden following interactions with Russian intelligence. Russian Role? […]

Lauren Boebert’s Campaign Struggles as High-Profile GOP Endorsements Favor Her Opponent

Representative Lauren Boebert faces additional challenges in her Colorado primary as she continues to lack support amid her district switch-up.  GOP Senators Endorse Sonnenberg On Thursday, three former Colorado GOP senators who previously represented the 4th District, Cory Gardner, Wayne Allard, and Hank Brown, endorsed Jerry Sonnenberg over Boebert in the primary race. Sonnenberg’s Political […]

Trump Criticized for Demanding Dismissal of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

Donald Trump, the former President, caused a stir in early January by demanding the immediate dismissal of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for his unreported week-long absence. Allegations of Neglect  Trump, in a fiery Jan 7 post on Truth Social, accused Austin of neglecting his duties, labeling his absence without notice as a “dereliction of duty,” […]

Volunteer Veterans “Border Vets” Mobilize to Patch Gaps in the U.S. Border Wall

In the rugged terrains east of San Diego, a determined group known as the “Border Vets” dedicated their time to fortify a breach in the border wall.  Closing Migrant Entry Point  Utilizing metal stakes and razor wire, they aimed to close a popular entry point for migrants into the United States. Take Action Kate Monroe, […]

MAGA Activists Caution Against Donating After Allies Launch GoFundMe for Trump’s $355M Fraud Verdict

Right after Judge Arthur Engoron found Former President Donald Trump accountable for civil fraud, imposing over $350 million in penalties, supporters initiated a GoFundMe to cover the fines. “Crooked” & “Totally Corrupt” Following the verdict, Trump criticized Engoron as “crooked” and New York Attorney General Letitia James, who filed the lawsuit in 2022, as “totally […]

Illinois Judge Ousted for Overstepping Bounds in Rape Conviction Reversal

A judge from Illinois was removed from his position after a judicial panel determined he overstepped legal boundaries by overturning a rape conviction against a teenage girl, leading to widespread dismay. Hearing Leads to Dismissal Following a detailed three-day hearing in Chicago, the Illinois Courts Commission acted on a complaint against Judge Robert Adrian, concluding […]