Volunteer Veterans “Border Vets” Mobilize to Patch Gaps in the U.S. Border Wall

In the rugged terrains east of San Diego, a determined group known as the “Border Vets” dedicated their time to fortify a breach in the border wall. 

Closing Migrant Entry Point 

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Utilizing metal stakes and razor wire, they aimed to close a popular entry point for migrants into the United States.

Take Action

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Kate Monroe, a retired Marine and member of the “Border Vets,” said that those waiting for someone else to take action against the migrant flow are in for a disappointment.

Proactive Measures

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He said it’s up to individuals like their group, which includes America’s veterans, to take proactive measures to defend their country.

Defend our Border

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“It’s really serious for everybody here that we protect our nation. The holes that we can find (in the border wall), we’re going to go ahead and get the razor wire and do our best to defend our country,” Monroe stated.

Regular Mission

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The “Border Vets” have made it their regular mission to address vulnerabilities in the border barrier, pledging to persist in these endeavors to safeguard the border.

Regulatory Stance

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The Border Patrol has clarified that public intervention in border barrier modifications is prohibited, emphasizing that only authorized personnel can make changes.

Top Concern

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According to the latest national and state polls, immigration concerns rank among the top priorities for U.S. voters ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

Over 2 Million Encounters

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In the 2023 fiscal year, United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement apprehended over 2 million individuals crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Border Agents’ Cooperation

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Despite official policies, Monroe notes that the border agents they encounter typically do not obstruct their efforts from putting up the razor wire, often appreciating the additional support provided by the group.

Undeterred Resolve

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Recognizing that smugglers may eventually dismantle their efforts, Monroe remains unfazed, emphasizing the group’s commitment to limiting unauthorized entry into the country, even if momentarily.

We’ve to Stop People

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She stated, “If we can stop them for one day, one hour, one week, we’ve stopped more people from coming into our country.”

Security Concerns

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While not opposed to immigration, Monroe voiced specific concerns about single men of “military age” entering the country, suggesting a need for vigilance.

“They are Flying Here”

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She remarked, “They’re not coming from the other side of the fence, they are flying here from God knows where.”

Community Support

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Monroe reflects on their actions’ positive reception locally, stating, “The sentiment here in San Diego seems to be, ‘Good, I’m glad you’re going out there and getting it done.” 

More Patrol Groups

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“Border Vets” isn’t the sole group working to halt migration into the U.S.; numerous others have taken similar measures in recent months. 

Patriots for America 

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Patriots for America (PAF) is another conservative Christian militia patrolling the Texas Border area, particularly around Eagle Pass, to combat human trafficking and drug crimes.

Border Mission

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The group was founded in 2015 to assist people in getting their cars to rallies, but in 2021, PFA began its primary border missions. The group now claims to have nearly 2,000 members nationwide and has its headquarters in North Texas.

Migrant Hotspot

Migrants, border, wall
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Eagle Pass, a town of just around 30,000, has become a hotspot for migrant crossings in recent years and is also at the center of a conflict between state and federal authorities over border security.

Texas Took Control 

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In January, Texas assumed control of Shelby Park along the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, sparking tension between Texas’ Republican governor and the Democratic White House.

Illegal crossings Declined 

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Illegal crossings along the US-Mexico border have declined since reaching a record high in December 2023.

A Major Decrease

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In January, Border Patrol recorded approximately 125,000 migrant apprehensions between ports of entry along the southern border, a significant decrease from nearly 250,000 in December.

Border Patrol Activities

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Members of the PAF patrol the river at various times of day, track migrants through carrizo cane and utilize night-vision equipment.


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However, the actions and conduct of the PFA have raised concerns among Human Rights groups. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been particularly critical of the group, labeling them as “white-supremacist.”

Questionable Practices 

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The ACLU argues that the PAF, lacking adequate training, has been engaging in practices such as detaining, questioning, and intimidating migrants, leading migrants to assume they are law enforcement officers.

A Peaceful Organization

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In response, the PFA has vehemently denied any accusations of White Supremacy, racism, violence, or intimidation towards migrants. The founder, Samuel Hall, asserts that the group is faith-based, Christ-centered, and a peaceful organization.

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