Americans Are Missing Trump’s Policies Despite Past Criticisms, New Poll Indicates

Initially, Donald Trump’s policies as president didn’t exactly win him a fan club,  but it turns out, those very policies are hitting the right notes with Americans now. 

A Nostalgic Look at Trump

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According to the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, a solid 60% of voters are actually feeling a bit nostalgic for Trump’s take on the economy, immigration, and tackling crime. 

Changing Hearts?

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This appreciation spans all age brackets, including 45% of Black Americans, and even 35% of Democrats and 37% of liberals. The poll even hints at a changing tide among Democrats, who seem to be warming up to the former president.

Rethinking the Wall

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Before they even hit the ground, Trump’s policy ideas, like the border wall to clamp down on illegal immigration, were met with eye rolls. Yet, it seems the tide is turning, with a majority of Americans now nodding in agreement for the first time about the wall. 

Advice for Biden 

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Doug Kaplan of Kaplan Strategiesshared with Newsweek a piece of advice for President Biden: “If I were advising President Biden, I would suggest focusing on articulating clear responses to these issues, highlighting contrasts and similarities as necessary.”

Democrat Policies

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Kaplan adds, “It’s important to remember that a single policy favored by a Democrat doesn’t necessarily represent the whole. A more detailed understanding is required. The construction of the wall, for example, seems inevitable. It’s a matter of when, not if.”

Border Wall Support

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A recent Monmouth University poll dropped this Monday, showing a surprising 53% of Americans are now in favor of the border wall—marking the highest level of support since the question was first posed in 2015.

A Dramatic Shift in Immigration Views

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The sentiment around illegal immigration has also shifted dramatically, with over 80% labeling it a serious issue, a stark increase from the 43 to 49% recorded between 2015 and 2019. 

Biden’s Border Challenge

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According to the poll’s press release, anxiety over illegal immigration is spiking under President Joe Biden, more so than under his predecessors.

2024’s Hot Ticket

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Patrick Murray from Monmouth University Polling Institute pointed out that immigration is shaping up to be the hot ticket issue for the 2024 presidential race, with both Trump and Biden gearing up for a border visit this Thursday. 

Meanwhile, Biden’s reelection bid is feeling the heat with Border Patrol at the U.S.-Mexico border hitting record numbers. 

The Weak Spot

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Another Monmouth poll last week tagged immigration as Biden’s Achilles’ heel, even among Democrats, with over 70% of Americans giving a thumbs down to his immigration policies, including 40% of his own party.

Gen Z’s Surprising Nod to Trump

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Donald Trump is garnering unexpected support from Generation Z voters, with a new poll revealing that a majority feel he’d be a positive force of change if he makes a comeback to the White House post-November. 

Trump Challenges Expectations


Traditionally, young voters have leaned towards more progressive stances, posing a challenge for Republicans. Yet, as the 2024 election draws near, Trump is emerging as a favorite among Gen Z, potentially unsettling President Joe Biden’s hopes for a second term. 

Gen Z’s Bet

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This week’s Harvard CAPS/Harris poll highlights an intriguing trend: Gen Z voters are betting on Trump to refresh the political scene, despite the option presented in the survey questioning if he might be a threat to democracy or a unifying figure.

The Youth Verdict

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In a striking revelation, 65% of young voters aged 18 to 24 are rallying behind the idea that Donald Trump could positively revolutionize the U.S. if he returns to power, with only 35% flagging him as a threat to democracy. 

Hits and Misses with the Public


While there’s a clear fondness for the policies of Trump’s first term, the appeal doesn’t uniformly extend to his newer policy ideas. 

Unpopular Proposal

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A YouGov poll exploring 30 of Trump’s proposals revealed only four with majority backing, emphasizing immigration and transgender policies. 

Conversely, plans to lower corporate taxes, increase presidential influence over regulatory agencies, and eliminate the Department of Education were notably unpopular.

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