Judge Denies Trump’s Appeal for Delay in Defamation Suit Payment

The judge presiding over Donald Trump’s defamation lawsuit filed by E. Jean Carroll has denied the former president’s request to postpone payment of damages.

Legal Motion Filed  

Lawyer, writing
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Alina Habba, representing Trump, filed a motion on Friday urging Judge Lewis Kaplan to pause the former president’s obligation to pay Carroll $83.3 million for statements made in 2019.

Motion Urges Delay in Judgment

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In a memorandum filed in court, Habba wrote that Kaplan should stay the judgment until at least 30 days after forthcoming post-trial motions, which will be filed no later than March 7.

Potential Reduction

Former US President Donald Trump's lawyer, Alina Habba (front), leaves Trump Tower for Manhattan federal court for the second defamation trial against him, in New York City on January 17, 2024. Writer E. Jean Carroll is seeking more than $10 million in damages in the civil trial, alleging that Trump defamed her in 2019 when he was president and she had just come out with her allegation, saying she "is not my type." This is separate to a civil case last year where another New York jury found Trump liable for sexually assaulting Carroll in a department store dressing room in 1996 and subsequently defaming her in 2022, when he called her a "complete con job." (Photo by Charly TRIBALLEAU / AFP)
Image by Charly TRIBALLEAU / AFP

Habba, in her motion, argued, “There is a strong probability that the disposition of post-trial motions will substantially reduce, if not eliminate, the amount of the judgment.”

Proposed Bond

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Habba proposed that the court should anticipate a decrease in the overall judgment to $22.25 million, for which Trump could furnish a $24.475 million bond.

Egregiously Excessive 

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In a statement emailed to Newsweek, she said: “The figure awarded to Ms. Carroll is egregiously excessive. The court must exercise its authority to prevent… this absurd judgment, which will not withstand appeal.”

Request for Stay Denied

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However, Judge Lewis Kaplan dismissed this request, emphasizing the importance of hearing from the plaintiff before making such decisions.

Stay Denied Without Plaintiff Input

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The court order issued on February 24 stated, “The Court declines to grant any stay, much less an unsecured stay, without first having afforded plaintiff a meaningful opportunity to be heard.”

Challenging Verdict 


Trump, maintaining his innocence, plans to contest the January verdict. 

A Great Victory

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After the verdict, Carroll said, “This is a great victory for every woman who stands up when she’s been knocked down, and a huge defeat for every bully who has tried to keep a woman down.” 

Financial Implications 

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Speculations arise on the impact of Carroll’s damages on Trump’s wealth, with experts suggesting potential bankruptcy or liquidity issues for the former president.

Fraud Case Penalty

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Earlier this month, Judge Arthur Engoron added to the financial burden of the GOP frontrunner by ruling that the former president must pay approximately $355 million in penalties for fraud in a prominent New York case. 

Asset Value Exaggerated

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The ruling determined that Trump and senior executives at The Trump Organization had exaggerated the value of his assets to secure more favorable terms from lenders and insurers.

Three Years Ban

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The verdict also bars Trump and his sons, Eric and Donald Jr., from doing business in New York for three years.

Suing Trump Again

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Carroll has suggested the possibility of suing Trump again. During an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow in January, Carroll addressed Trump’s behavior following the trial. 

Trump’s Response to Verdict

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Despite the verdict, Trump has continued discussing Carroll on social media and at rallies. Carroll noted that he has been sharing links to articles online that criticize her and refute her allegations.

Another Case Opportunity

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Maddow asked if their lawyers advised pursuing further financial compensation from him through another case and whether they would consider taking such action.

Carroll replied, “Absolutely. Absolutely.”

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