Jimmy A.

Trump Alarmed by Disclosure of Confidential Abortion Stance, Affecting Campaign Dynamics

Former President Donald Trump and his top aides are embroiled in controversy following a leak to the New York Times.  Abortion Support The newspaper disclosed that Trump privately expressed support for a 16-week national abortion plan, with certain exceptions.  Campaign’s Panic The former president’s campaign allegedly reacted with anger, frustration, and paranoia, leading them to…

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Governor Greg Abbott

Texas Publication Withdraws Support for Governor Abbott: “Spewing Lies and Half-Truths”

A well-known Texas newspaper has revised its stance on Governor Greg Abbott, critiquing him for disseminating “spewing lies and half-truths.”  Expectations Betrayal The publication initially endorsed Abbott for his character and governance potential but now accuses him of betraying those expectations. “Wrong” Endorsement The Daily Sentinel admits it was “wrong” to endorse the governor, who…

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Greg Abott

Abbott says Texans are not shooting migrants because Biden’s administration would “charge us with murder”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott explained that murdering migrants is the only tool the state is not using to fight migrants on the border because the Biden administration would sue.  Abbott’s using every tool  While on “The Dana Loesch Show,” the Texas Governor said, “We are using every tool that can be used from building a…

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Lara Trump Advocates for RNC’s Financial Support in Trump’s Legal Battles

Former President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law suggests that GOP voters would endorse the Republican National Committee (RNC) covering the former president’s legal expenses.  Unfamiliarity with Guidelines On Wednesday, while campaigning for the former president before the South Carolina primary, Lara Trump admitted unfamiliarity with the organization’s guidelines for handling Donald Trump’s legal costs in numerous criminal…

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Mary Trump Foresees Deep Trouble for Jim Jordan and James Comer

Mary Trump, former President Donald Trump’s niece, asserts that Republican Representatives James Comer and Jim Jordan are in “deep sh..t” and may face legal scrutiny for disseminating unverified claims about an FBI witness in efforts to impeach President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Investigation Questions In her latest Substack publication, Mary criticized the impeachment…

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Strategic Campaign Targets Black Voters to Dissuade Support for Biden

A subtle initiative has been set in motion to sway Black voters away from President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 elections. Conservative Group Target Biden This effort was first observed during South Carolina’s Democratic primary, where a conservative group, funded by undisclosed donors, targeted around 75,000 voters with mailers criticizing Biden’s stance on menthol…

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Series of Gaffes by Former President Trump at Michigan Rally Spark Concerns

Former President Donald Trump made several errors at a rally in Michigan over the weekend, raising further questions about his mental capacity. Primary Confusion During his address, the leading Republican presidential candidate mistakenly mentioned the “very important date” of the Michigan state primary, getting it incorrect.  Actual Dates The South Carolina primary is scheduled for…

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Parkland Survivor Trolls Trump by Redirecting Domain Akin to His New Sneaker Line, Sending Users to Gun Safety Website

David Hogg, a Parkland shooting survivor, acquired a domain related to Donald Trump’s new sneaker line, redirecting it to a platform advocating against gun violence.  Announcement on X Hogg, currently president of Leaders We Deserve, an organization committed to electing young candidates to Congress, revealed the announcement on X, formerly Twitter, on Friday. “Call for…

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Legal Expert Warns Trump’s Classified Documents Trial Delay Could Lead to Unintended Results for Former President

The judge presiding over Donald Trump’s trial involving classified documents may unintentionally influence the timing of the former president’s trial for obstructing the 2020 election, according to a legal expert. Potential Delay Glenn Kirschner, a former federal prosecutor and vocal critic of Trump, suggested that Judge Aileen Cannon might delay the start of Trump’s trial…

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