5 Habits of Wealthy People

habits of wealthy people
habits of wealthy people
Many wealthy people have similar habits.

The habits of wealthy people are something that you should emulate if you want to build wealth and rise above typical middle-class behavior. Many wealthy people follow similar patterns that help them build and keep wealth. Following just a few of their habits can help you kickstart your wealth-building journey.

Pay Yourself First

You may have heard of this one before. Wealthy people always make sure that the first check that they write or the first transfer of funds that they make is to themselves. Before paying bills or buying goods, they make sure to transfer money to their investments.

Using Debt

Many wealthy people avoid debt at all costs. Any debt that they have accrued will be paid off as fast as possible. It is much easier to build wealth if your money isn’t going to creditors.

Some will use debt as a tool, however. Leverage can be a powerful way to acquire assets that cash flow. A perfect example is real estate. By making a small downpayment on a cash-flowing property and financing the remaining balance, you can control an expense asset with minimal money in the deal. The rent will then pay down the note.

Whichever path you choose, wealthy people understand that debt can be detrimental to wealth building, but also that there is good debt and bad debt. Debt should only be used to finance cash-flowing assets that appreciate. It shouldn’t be used for depreciating assets like cars or furniture.


Wealthy people will often have an extensive network of professionals, people of similar interests, and mentors. Having the right people close to you can help you build wealth, grow a business, and achieve your goals.

As important as having other investors and business owners in your network, so too are having people such as attorneys, CPAs, and trusted financial advisors close to you.


Many wealthy people practice frugal habits that allow them to use more of their money to build wealth. This could mean anything from using coupons and shopping sales to avoiding consumer debt and practicing DIY whenever possible.


Wealthy people believe in education. Not only in higher education but also in attending business seminars, reading books about business and investing, and staying up on current events. Wealthy people are always learning and are well-informed. Mindless entertainment and time-wasting activities are minimalized in favor of things that can be used to help build wealth and grow a business.


The habits of wealthy people can be followed by anyone and can be a powerful way to help build wealth. This list is by no means exhaustive, as there are many more habits and practices that wealthy people engage in, but this is a good place to start. You can break old habits and start building wealth today.

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