habits of wealthy people

5 Habits of Wealthy People

The habits of wealthy people are something that you should emulate if you want to build wealth and rise above typical middle-class behavior. Many wealthy people follow similar patterns that help them build and keep wealth. Following just a few of their habits can help you kickstart your wealth-building journey. Pay Yourself First You may…

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Are you self-sufficient?

Are You Self-Sufficient?

Are you self-sufficient? Do you consider yourself handy or mechanically inclined? Are you able to fix things when they break? Being more self-sufficient can save you money and give you greater pride of ownership and sense of accomplishment. Becoming Independent If you own a car and a home, then inevitably something is going to go…

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Piggy bank on table with some coins on the table

Keep Saving

For the time being I’m going to keep saving. I’ve been building cash aggressively the past year or so, and I’m now in a position where I can comfortably save around $1500 per month. Where do I stop? I have a few thoughts on that. Planned Expenses We are planning on having an addition built…

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