The Financial Aspects of Elective Surgery

Elective surgery is when you choose to obtain it based on personal reasons or a doctor’s recommendation, like a hip replacement, knee surgery, or breast reduction. This means there’s more time to prepare yourself mentally and financially, which allows saving money to become an achievable goal. Read on to learn more about the financial aspects […]

Fall Update. September 2021

September is already half over, and with it some fall projects, some financial new, and a few career prospects. Here is an update of what’s going on with my finances as fall approaches. Fall Projects Fall always brings a list of projects. I’ve been busy getting ready for winter by servicing the coal stove. The […]

How to Become a Millionaire by 25

How do you become a millionaire by 25? This is certainly an achievement and a tall order. Having an average life and job won’t cut it here. So, how do you become a millionaire at such a young age? Let’s take a look. Some Averages Before we look at the math or the methods to […]

Where to Get Cash Quickly When You Don’t Have an Emergency Fund

Financial emergencies happen for all of us, and when they occur, you’ll need a stash so that you’ll be able to cover any expenses. However, many Americans don’t have any sort of emergency fund, and will need cash with a quickness. There are a few ways to get that cash. Here’s a quick look at […]

How To Build A Better Relationship With Money

There are plenty of sayings out there about money, like, “Money is the root of all evil” and “More money leads to more problems.” While these statements may have a hint of truth in them, these concepts are primarily believed because of how people think about and treat money. When people have no idea how […]

The Pros and Cons of Investing in US Farmland

What are the pros and cons to investing in US farmland? Have you even considered farmland as an investment or as part of your portfolio? This asset class can be a lucrative investment, but you must be aware of the risks. Farmland as an Investment Farmland can best be described as a form of real […]

Finances to Consider When You Become a Caregiver for an Elderly Relative

As people become older, they tend to require more assistance in their daily lives. This means medical care and attention being paid to them almost every day, if not every day. Oftentimes, this means that they’re going to require the help of family members and the assistance that they can find and provide for them. […]

Emotional Shopping: Six Tips for Keeping Your Impulse Spending To a Minimum

As human beings, we’re inherently emotionally-driven creatures, even if we fancy ourselves to be relatively level-headed. Even if we know better, it’s still all too normal to succumb to the occasional passionate outburst. Whether we’ve gotten a bit of good news and we want to celebrate, or we’ve unfortunately been on the receiving end of […]

Reasons to Keep Your Net Worth Private

Here are some reasons to keep your net worth private. If you are a high net worth individual, or if you just have more than your peers, then you may want to consider keeping matters close to your vest. The top reasons to keep things low key follows. Jealousy This is probably the main reason […]

By Saying No to the Following Items, You Will Be Able to Say Yes When It Matters

It is hard to say no to things you really want, especially when you have the money burning a hole in your pocket. That is when you will have to demonstrate a level of maturity that eludes people with a lower financial IQ. If you tend to buy whatever you want the moment you want […]