Bad Spending Habits…And How To Fix Them [Infographic]

This week’s Financial Infographic  focuses on what anyone can struggle with: bad spending habits.

There are a lot of people with bad spending habits, and it’s not just those that are broke, seem irresponsible, or can’t find a job. Many people are susceptible–and often unaware–of the bad spending habits laid out in this financial infographic.

As we dive into this, I’ve got to say up front I’m a little tired of infographics that share seemingly the same info about credit card debt. At some point, it lacks a little originality. I think it discounts the fact that some have piled up credit card debt while living off of them during schooling or times unemployed.

Here’s a synopsis of how to fix these bad spending habits:

1. Spending More Money Than You Make

This point seems infantile, but not everyone is aware that they are spending more than they make. Have you taken a good hard look at your income and expenses lately?

2. Paying Off Debt With More Debt

If you ever see an opportunity to take advantage of a 0% APR balance transfer, it’s likely that you’ll have to pay 3-6% of the balance being transferred up front just to do so.

3. Late Payments and High Interest Rates

Don’t get killed paying 17% to Visa, Mastercard or Discover!

4. My thought: Use Credit Cards Like They Are Cash

If you don’t have the real hard cash in your bank account, then don’t spend it on a card.

5. Purchasing Items You Don’t Need

This will take admitting if we’re impulsive buyers, and deciding to be more cerebral about our purchases.

Take a look at the infographic below and determine what to do if you happen to have any of these bad spending habits.

Bad Spending Habits Financial Infographic

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  1. Yeah, those are ugly. I had a friend in college who paid off debt with debt. It wasn’t pretty.

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