Why is Silver a Bad Investment?

Why is silver a bad investment?  Silver is often used as a safe haven during uncertain times, and as an inflation hedge. Silver also has many industrial uses. The metal is a popular investment because it is much cheaper than gold, but is silver a good investment? It certainly can be, and many people hold […]

What is Travel Insurance and How Can it Save You Money?

Travel insurance is a worthwhile money-saving, peace of mind insurance, designed to save you money if you travel a lot. Travel insurance provides travelers with the protection they need before and after a trip. Any type of insurance is the ultimate protection to use when things in life go wrong. However, travel insurance gives you […]

What You Need to Know About Filing a Personal Injury Case Following an Accident

Following an injury, not only do you have to worry about the cost of prescription drugs, but also paying for treatments, surgeries, hospital visits, and medical equipment. You should try to file your case as soon as possible and be sure to check the statute of limitations in your area. For example, you have four […]

5 Financial Benefits of Going to Trade School

Whether you graduate high school this year or have experienced a life-changing event, such as a divorce or spousal death that has caused you to consider a career later in life, you probably wrestle with the choice of college or vocational/trade school. Some careers require college, but if you want to enter a skilled trade, […]

How Project Management Software Can Drive Revenue for Your Custom Sign Business

Project management software is fast becoming an essential tool for businesses of all kinds, custom sign and printing businesses not the least. We’ve all heard about the advantages such software in terms of time management and intra-project communication, but what about in terms of revenue? For a custom sign or printing business, how does pairing […]

Reasons Your Business Should Use an Answering Service

Communication with customers, vendors, and other relevant people is essential to any business. The telephone is one of the most important tools. Even a successful small business may get a large volume of calls. Perhaps more than your staff can answer at once. There may also be times you are not available. You could be […]

Why Hiring a Consultant Can Prevent Discrimination From Occurring

Employee discrimination is the type of problem that could bury a company.  Although you don’t want to discriminate against anyone, and there’s already been a lot of growth over the last hundred years for equality: there’s still a long way to go.

We Found a Rental Property

We found a rental property. The search has taken close to a year, we saw a lot of places that needed too much work, and we were outbid multiple times on other places, but we finally found a place. Here is a brief overview of where we are in the process. Needle in a Haystack […]

Why Having No Applicant Tracking System is a Mistake

Hiring has been pushed into overdrive, with nearly every large company saying that they lack employees.  Although countless workers are out there looking for jobs, it’s hard to keep track of applicants if you don’t do it right.  Using an applicant tracking system can give you the chance to organize those who apply to your […]

How to Make Your Side Business Eco-Friendly

The human activities have various impacts on the environment. This is why state and federal governments do all they can to ensure that different human life aspects go green. However, if you are a business person, you should take it upon yourself to ensure that your enterprise and its operations do not harm the environment. […]