Personal Update, Summer 2021

July is here, and it’s been hot! Luckily, I was able to get my pool fixed, so we’ve been enjoying keeping cool in the water. I have a few projects going on at camp and at home, so it’s been a busy summer. Here is a quick update on what’s been going on. Wealth Building […]

Credit Cards That Insure Cell Phones as a Perk

If your cell phone is stolen or gets damaged, you would typically call your provider to file a claim. But you may have insurance through your credit card. Credit card phone insurance is becoming more common. Here is a rundown of how it works. Overview Here is how credit card cellphone coverage typically works: You […]

Basement Flood and Other Updates

We had a bit of a basement flood the other day from a severe thunderstorm that passed through. Luckily, it was just a wet carpet. Everything dried out in a couple days with nothing being ruined. Others in the area weren’t so lucky. Here’s what else is going on with me as June draws to […]

How Often Should You Check Your Investment Portfolio?

How often should you check your investment portfolio? If you are a day trader, then you may never stop checking your holdings. But what if you are a long-term investor who is putting money away at regular intervals with a timeline of several decades before retirement? Let’s have a look. Your Choice You are free […]

June 2021 Personal Financial Update

June is here and with it another update. I’ve gotten more work done at home and at camp since my last update. My portfolio keeps pushing higher and my mortgage balance continues to fall. Here is a brief update of what’s been going on with me. Wealth Building As the month of June enters so […]

What to Do When Your Bank Refuses to Refund Fraud Charges

What do you do when your bank refuses to refund fraud charges? Credit cards normally offer protection from fraud, and you can simply dispute the charges with your creditor. Debit cards however can work differently. If someone gains access to your PIN, then they have direct access to your money. Getting your money back can […]

Is Your Mortgage Covered by the CARES Act?

Is your mortgage covered by the CARES Act? If you have been impacted by Covid-19, then you can find out if your mortgage is covered by the CARES Act.  This provision allows borrows to take a forbearance on their mortgage. Keep reading to find out if you qualify. CARES Act Provisions Here is an overview […]

Train Your Financial Health

  I have been going to the gym regularly for years. It has been a lot of hard work, a lot of effort, and several setbacks. It reminds me of keeping in financial shape. Much like training your body physically you must also train your financial health and your money management. Consistency is Key If […]

Is There a Money Order Expiration Date?

How long are money orders good for? If you have ever bought a money order and didn’t need to cash it for a while, or if you have ever found an old money order in a drawer, then you may be wondering how long it is good for. Let’s have a look to see if […]

May Update, 2021

It is May, and the weather is heating up. I’m ahead of the game on projects. Here’s what’s going on with me. Free Lawnmower I just got an old lawnmower that was bound for the junkyard back in running condition. A friend of mine was throwing it out, and he asked me if I wanted […]