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Defiant Hunter Biden Acusses Republicans Of Double Standards Regarding Jared Kushner’s Businesses

Hunter Biden testified in an impeachment investigation where he repeated that his father was not involved in his businesses but reportedly asked House GOP about Jared Kushner and alleged $2 billion.  Behind closed doors  The First Son initially refused to testify behind closed doors, but after months of negotiations, the deals were made. House Oversight […]

Supreme Court’s Consideration of Trump’s Immunity Claim Strengthens His Delay Tactic

The Supreme Court decided to weigh whether Trump’s claims of absolute immunity are valid. This puts the D.C. case regarding efforts to subvert the 2020 election in jeopardy of not getting resolved before the elections.  Historic decision  After two lower courts rejected it, most legal experts and scholars believed the Supreme Court would reject absolute […]

Senator Cotton ridiculed For Saying the US was “Safe, Strong, and Prosperous” Under Trump

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton endorsed Trump and stated the US was “safe” during his presidency, something that many disagreed with. Cotton among 18 Senators who endorsed Trump The Arkansas Republican is among 18 Senators who support Trump as the GOP’s presidential nominee in the 2024 elections. Cotton, who was reportedly also considering running for the […]

Judge Cannon Denies Trump’s Request, Deals Defendants Another Blow in 24 Hours

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon denied former President Donald Trump’s request to see more of the classified evidence submitted by the federal prosecutors. This is the second time in 24 hours that she denied a request against Trump and co-defendants Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira. Motions denied  The Republican Judge appointed by Trump […]

Mental Decline Defense of Trump Undercut by Creator of His Favorite Cognitive Test

Trump often brags about nailing the cognitive test, intended to highlight signs of early dementia. After bragging about it at a January New Hampshire rally, the test’s creator had something to say.  Trump’s confusion  Nikki Haley, GOP’s presidential hopeful, was blamed for the January 6th riots since she was in charge of the security. Or […]

The Smiths’ Johnny Marr “shuts down” Trump for playing the band’s songs at rallies

The Smiths’ guitarist, Johnny Marr, slammed Trump for playing the iconic band’s songs at his rallies. Marr joined a long list of famous musicians who have spoken up against their music being used at Trump’s rallies without consent.  Marr took things to X  Marr only found that Trump used the Smith’s song when ABC’s Soorin […]

Top Texas paper shreds Ted Cruz over his “betrayal”

Ted Cruz, Texas Senator, was reprimanded by the largest paper in the Lone Star state, the Houston Chronicle, over the 2021 storm.  Freezing in the dark In February 2021, storm Uri forced power plants to go offline, leaving Texans in the dark and, in some cases, without water. The deadly storm claimed 246 lives, though […]

SCOTUS decision about Trump could be troubling for Jordan, Cruz, Biggs, and other GOP lawmakers

The upcoming decision by the Supreme Court regarding Trump and whether he was “engaged in insurrection” could affect his many supporters in the House and the Senate, MSNBC opinion writer and editor Hayes Brown noted.  Panic in the GOP  Brown’s opinion is backed by the fact that nearly 200 GOP lawmakers urged SCOTUS to keep […]

National Debt Grew by $8.4 Trillion Under Trump, Analysis

The CRFB report analyzed how former president Trump added $8.4 trillion during his single term, which was mentioned by Nikki Haley, the only GOP challenger left on his path to the nomination.  Haley Spoke About It During the First GOP Debate  Haley stated during the first Republican debate, “You have Ron DeSantis, you have Tim […]

‘Apprentice’ winner warns Trump will face more trials because he ‘Thinks He Is Above The Law’

A former Trump Organization employee who won the 2005 “The Apprentice” show, Dr. Randal Pinkett, warned that Trump’s behavior will not change, and the former president believes he’s “above the law.”  Pinkett is sure there will be more cases  Speaking to the Daily Express US, Pinkett said he expects “to see more cases” because he […]