Picking Up a Part Time Job

picking up a part time job
picking up a part time job
Part time jobs are plentiful and can be an excellent way to boost income.

I’m picking up a part time job. I’ve been thinking about picking up more side work for a while, and the time was right. Admittedly, I’ve been picky about the process. If you are looking for extra money, and you don’t care how you make it, then you could probably find something much faster than I did.

The Search for Work

I started searching for part time work on and off about 6 months ago. My criteria were that it couldn’t be too many hours, it couldn’t be too late into the night, and it couldn’t tie up my weekends. Pretty much every one of my criteria goes against most retail and service jobs out there. But I was determined to find something.

I finally found a job doing cleaning two nights a week for a cleaning and maintenance company. I will always be working Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 till 10. Starting pay is $15 per hour. I’ll be grossing $600 per month. Not too bad.

Why Work Part Time?

One of the main reasons that people pick up side work is to make more money. Maybe they are trying to get out of debt. Maybe they are saving towards some goal. Either way, extra money is usually the motivation to work extra hours.

Personally, I am trying to pad my savings for some upcoming projects at the rental cabin. I also want to start paying extra on my mortgage. I have no other debts, and my budget is already tight, so the only other option was to earn more. A long-term solution would be to find a higher paying full-time job, but in the short-term a boost in income via a part-time job will be a welcome addition to my finances.

Are You Looking for Work?

If you are thinking about working part time, then write down your criteria. Unless you are desperate, then you don’t need to settle for just anything. Find something that fits your lifestyle and that you have interest in. Once you have an idea of what type of job you may want, then you can start searching and applying. One of the many online job boards is a good place to start. I found my job on Indeed.

Remember the reason that you are working part time. Also remember that you can simply leave if it gets to be too much or too stressful. Jobs are plentiful, and you can easily find something better if you aren’t too picky.

Looking Ahead

Picking up a part time job took me awhile, but I had a long list of criteria that I wanted to fill. You could probably find something faster. I’m going to give this job a couple months and see how it goes. If it works for me, then I’ll keep it and apply the extra money to my plan. If I don’t like it, or if it doesn’t work for my schedule, then I’ll leave and find something else.

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