7 High-Paying Jobs That Will Help You Save Money

Getting a well-paying job allows you to live a comfortable life, save some money, and even make significant purchases. No one wants to worry about money constantly. In fact, most people want to have jobs that will also allow them to be saving money every month for rainy days. Here is a list of some high-paying jobs to consider.

1. Surgeon

One of the highest paying jobs in the healthcare department is being a surgeon. You can choose general surgery or specialization, such as neurological, plastic surgery, cardiovascular or orthopedic. By 2020, the average salary of a surgeon will be about $208,000. The best-paid surgeons make that much, while the lowest-paid make about $188,170.

2. Dentist

Dentists’ jobs involve dealing with patients’ teeth, gum, and mouth. One can specialize in performing oral surgery, treating oral problems, or being a dental hygienist. Dentists make about $158,940 annually, with the lowest-paid making approximately $115,290. Most dentists have their own practices instead of working in a hospital. If you like being your own boss, you can open your practice and hire people to help you run it. You can also find another dentist and start a partnership. Statistics show that about 70% of business partnerships fail. So when you are choosing a partner, ensure it is someone you share goals and visions with to avoid conflict in the future.

3. Computer Programmer

A computer programmer writes code that allows software programs to run. A programmer basically tells a computer what to do. As the world continues advancing technologically, the need for computer programmers is also on the rise. If you have always wanted to work in the IT field, then this is a career you can consider. A computer programmer makes about $89,190, with the best paid making about $116,220 and the lowest making about $67,370.

4. Plumber

In the construction sector, one of the jobs that pay well is plumbing. All it takes is a clogged sink or a morning without running water to remind people just how important a plumbing job is. Plumbers fix common plumbing issues such as low water pressure and clogged drains. A national study found that about 15% of homeowners have spent a significant amount of time trying to fix a backed-up drain. Another survey showed that about 6% of homeowners have low water pressure issues. These are problems that plumbers can fix. The average salary of a plumber is about $56,330. Those on the higher side get approximately $75,370 per year, and those on the lower side get $42,330.

5. Well Driller

Well drilling involves drilling in the ground to extract natural resources such as groundwater, natural gas, brine, and petroleum. Water well drilling is the most common, as there are about 15.9 million water wells in the US. Water well drillers in the US make about $64,543 per year. On the upper side, some make about $135,000, while the lower side makes an average of $30,000.

6. Construction Manager

The role of a construction manager is to obtain work permits, schedule walkthroughs, troubleshoot problems, and update clients on the progress of the work. If you have a general interest in construction, then this might just be the right job for you. Architecture involves a lot of drawing, and civil engineering means a lot of science. So if you want to avoid that or manual labor such as carpentry, masonry, and plumbing, you can be a construction manager. Construction managers make an average salary of about $97,000, with the highest-paid getting $128,000 and the lowest-paid getting $73,460.

7. Lawyer

A lawyer represents the legal rights of clients. You can choose to be a general lawyer specializing in criminal, family, or business law. Lawyers make about $126,00, with the best paid getting about $189,000 and the lowest-paid getting about $84,450.

These are some of the jobs that pay well. They will allow you to save up money and live a comfortable life. However, note that for you to be a top earner in these jobs, it takes a few years of experience and dedication to one’s job.