Top Tips for Boosting the Value of Your House in 2021

Whether your mind is set on a house move within the next year, or you’re simply laying down the groundwork for a hypothetical move sometime in the distant future, any homeowner stands to benefit from keeping one eye on the value of their home.

Here are a few ways to ensure that your house will enjoy a strong position on the market.

See to Structural Issues as and When They Arise

It is, admittedly, very difficult to keep on top of those aspects of home maintenance which we are not equipped to deal with ourselves. In other words, maintaining the garden, filling in chipped paintwork, and replacing tired carpets are all much easier to do than, say, spot when the roof is in need of repair, or replace a rotting lintel.

Still, if we don’t do them as and when they occur, the cost of bringing our homes up to scratch when the time comes to sell will be very high – or bring the market value down significantly.

Create Storage Opportunities

Plenty of storage space is a requirement that ranks high on many home buyers’ lists – and for good reason. With many of us spending increasing amounts of time working from home, and developing a greater interest in more pared-back or minimalist interiors, storage opportunities are more coveted than ever before.

Garages, for instance, represent a significant draw for house buyers. But, if you’re lacking that all-important car port, then a garden house or shed both offer a valuable counterbalance.

Garden sheds in particular require only a small investment, but could well help to tip the scales for the indecisive buyer.

Add an En Suite to the Master

During past property searches, you likely stumbled across at least one home that boasts a master bedroom complete with its own en suite, private from the rest of the house. If so, then chances are that the property immediately went up in your estimations, for the simple fact that an en suite – by virtue of the fact that it is not an essential feature in any home – immediately evokes a sense of luxury.

While it may be a more extreme example, some statistics suggest that the value of a home in London could increase by up to £25,000 if it comes equipped with an en suite. For other areas of the country, the results are a little more modest – but significance enough to make any of us consider calling up the local plumber.

Finally, Don’t Forget to Get Those Administrative Ducks in a Row

We’re not talking about millpond maintenance here. Rather, the importance of seeing to the legal aspect of a house sooner rather than later, in order to avoid potentially nail-biting delays and hitches further down the line. While it may not add digits onto your home’s value, it will ensure that all that hard work pays off in the most straightforward and efficient way possible.

For this reason alone, tracking down a conveyancing solicitor with reams of experience in your local area now, rather than at the eleventh hour, will no doubt prove a wise decision when everything begins to unfold. But, why is local experience so important? Because, whether you are searching for solicitors in Gloucestershire or Caithness, one who is local to you will have that invaluable, first-hand understanding of the local area, which can only help as the deadline draws nearer.

What’s more, popping into their offices for a quick catch-up or document handover will be so much more efficient – a godsend when you’re going through something as disruptive as a house move.


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