Trump Finds His Conspiracy Theory Ideas from a Far-Right MAGA Publication, Ex-Official Alleges

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet – a principle Donald Trump doesn’t seem to uphold while browsing through the hot news on Gateway Pundit, a far-right news website infamous for its falsehoods, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories, his ex-aide alleged. 

Where Does Trump Get His News?

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Frequently criticized for its right-wing conspiracy theories, Gateway Pundit struggles with a poor reputation in fact-checking and providing logical evidence. Critics have long branded its founder, Jim Hoft, as “the dumbest man on the internet.”

Hoft started blogging as a hobby in 2004. 

The Media Trump Relies On

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With its credibility under scrutiny, Gateway Pundit and its founder have managed to secure a loyal and influential reader: Former President Donald Trump and current leading figure in the presidential race.

Trump’s Conspiracy Theory Sources

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Trump insiders revealed to the Washington Post that the former president increasingly relied on Gateway Pundit following his 2020 election loss, even though the website continually promoted debunked conspiracy theories about voter fraud.

Despite the skepticism of some of the most influential figures on the right, the site has played a notable role in pushing unfounded election fraud theories. 

Gateway Pundit as Evidence

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In a strong display of trust, Trump often pushed printouts from Gateway Pundit articles on his aides as evidence to support his false claims about the validity of the 2020 election results.”

A Source of Inspiration

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Trump didn’t just use Gateway Pundit as an information source; it also served as a wellspring of inspiration. An aide remarked, “When he was looking for evidence, Gateway Pundit was one reliable place he knew he could go for validation and maybe even some new ideas.”

Credibility Concerns Among Allies

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While Trump may be fond of Gateway Pundit, some of his own allies have reluctantly admitted that it falls short as a credible source of information.

The Credibility-Killer?

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A former Trump administration official confided to the Post that referencing Gateway Pundit in discussions was a guaranteed way to lose credibility, even among conservatives. “You can’t use it to make an argument. You can only use it to hear what you want to hear,” they stated. 

“Bull…” Stories

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Speaking anonymously to the Post, a well-known right-wing radio host described Gateway Pundit as representing “a fringe segment of so-called conservative media that’s driven by conspiratorial clickbait to drive revenues to stay afloat.”

The host described the site’s stories as “bullsh..t” during an interview.

“It means you’ve lost”

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Despite denying Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election, a former Trump administration official admitted to The Post that referencing Gateway Pundit in an argument is a sure sign of defeat. 

They emphasized, “It means you’ve lost. You can’t use it to make an argument. You can only use it to hear what you want to hear.”

Boldness Over Facts?

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It seems that both Trump and his former advisor Steve Bannon expressed some level of appreciation for Gateway Pundit. Bannon openly praised the site for its boldness “to take a leading edge” even in cases “where you don’t have all the facts.”

Praise for All-Caps Headlines

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According to right-wing podcast host and longtime Trump adviser Stephen K. Bannon, founder Hoft is considered one of “the best at creating a right-wing echo system.” 

Expanding on his admiration, Bannon further said that once Gateway Pundit puts one of its signature all-caps headlines on a story, it provides what Bannon calls an “infrastructure” upon which his own podcast and other right-wing outlets and influencers can create their content.

What’s on the Horizon

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In a country where trust and credibility in the media are vital, Gateway Pundit’s polarizing reputation sparks concerns about the power of partisan news outlets, the importance of verifying information, and the role of fact-based journalism in shaping public discussions—especially with an upcoming 2024 election and the anticipation of Trump’s strong presence as a future American leader.


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