How to Cope With Forced Retirement: Tips for Moving Forward

Most people imagine retirement as a bittersweet, voluntary entry into elderly age, hobbies, and relaxation. However, retirement in the real world has no resemblance to the way it is depicted in TV, movies, and popular culture. If anything, retirement can be a … [Read More...]


foreign currency

Is Forex Right For You

The following post was written by guest poster Rick Decardo, who writes for Dailyforex.com. The foreign exchange markets are extremely attractive to a large number of people. Now that they have been opened up to the common public, there are a large number … [Read More...]


Quantitative Easing Infographic

Quantitative Easing Explained – Midweek Infographic

If you follow any financial news sources such as CNBC, The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg, you've heard quantitative easing mentioned a few times.  For most people, the term may seem completely foreign.  What most people outside of the financial industry are … [Read More...]

How To Deal With Debt Collection Agencies and Negotiate a Payment Plan

Being strangled in debt can be a challenging enough situation. And receiving collection calls from creditors will only add to that daunting burden. Your debts can end up in collections soon after you have been delinquent or significantly falling behind on your … [Read More]

I'm still job searching

I’m Still Job Searching

I’m still job searching after being out of work for the past month. I wrote last month that I had left my job. You can read that here. I’ve had multiple interviews and still have a few more in the coming weeks, so I do have some things in the pipeline. But I … [Read More]

What are Some Stocks That Have Consistently Paid Dividends?

Some companies have paid dividends for well over 100 years and counting. What are some stocks that have consistently paid dividends? If you are a fan of dividend stocks and enjoy the income that they provide, then looking to stocks with a long track record of … [Read More]

Why has the Stock Market Been So Resilient in 2023?

Markets continue to rise despite a headwind of bad news. Why has the stock market been so resilient in 2023? Despite inflation woes, a bank crisis, international wars, and spreading layoffs, the markets have been stubbornly resilient so far this year. So what … [Read More]

Is the Fed Done Raising Interest Rates?

We could be at the end of the Fed’s rate hikes. Is the Fed done raising interest rates? Many analysts are beginning to join the camp of no more rate hikes. No one knows for certain, but if the Fed is in fact done raising rates, then what will that mean for … [Read More]

Should You Use Technical Analysis When Investing in Stocks?

Should you use technical analysis when investing in stocks? Should you use technical analysis when investing in stocks? Many traders rely on technical factors when researching stocks, and countless software programs exist that can aid in researching based on … [Read More]