Personal Financial Update, NOV 2019

November is here and with it comes the falling leaves, chilly nights, and shorter days.  They are calling for snow showers in the next few days. I bought oil for the tanks to keep the furnace running, and I got a load of firewood for our camp for the winter.  Hunting season is fast approaching and so is Thanksgiving and the Holiday season. With the changing season comes another financial update. Here are where things stand since my last update.

Wealth Building

My portfolio is higher than it’s ever been. The record closing of the markets has pushed it just shy of $700,000. Unless a pullback or a correction occurs, it should hit that mark by year’s end. No major changes or shifts here. Dividends are being reinvested as always, and I haven’t sold or bought any new investments.


Continuing my full attention to debt reduction yields some pleasing results. Here is a breakdown of where I stand since October’s update.

Debt Last Update Current Update Change
Line of Credit $2,359.08 $1,878.58 ($480.50)
Truck Loan $16,596.97 $16,596.97 $0.00
Student Loans $35,082.00 $34,939.20 ($142.80)
Mortgage $185,488.00 $184,988.33 ($499.67)
Total $239,526.05 $238,403.08 ($1,122.97)


Down over $1100 since October. I’m happy with my progress so far. As I stated last month the Line of Credit is my primary focus.  I’m hoping to have it totally gone sometime in early 2020. At which time I will be snowballing it into the truck loan.

I still have a few items for sale that I am hoping to make some money for debt reduction from. I’ve had a bite on one of them, so we’ll see if the buyer comes through.


The side job that I mentioned last month is a go. I was in communication with the person that is looking for me to remove some old kitchen cabinets and hang new ones. We are set up for this Sunday. All that I need to do is to finalize a price. I’ll let you know how this turns out in my next update.

Changes for Next Update

No major changes for the next update. I don’t see the upcoming Holidays being disruptive to my course of action. Christmas shopping will be minimal and paid for in cash as always. Hopefully, my progress is inspiring you to work towards your financial goals. Until next time.

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