Rise Of The Female Trader [Infographic]

strong femaleThis week’s financial infographic depicts something I see every day – the ever-growing number of female traders entering the financial arena. It’s not just traders; more and more women are attending my financial education seminars, opening accounts and expressing a general interest in the market. I won’t pretend to know why women are starting to make up larger percentage of the self-directed investor pool, I just know it is happening more and more so everyday.

Perhaps the numbers are growing as more females enter the workforce each year. No longer are they staying home and depending on the man to generate the income and decide where and how to invest the money. Women are filling prominent positions within organizations and they need and want to know how to make their money work for them.

According to City Index, the number of accounts opened by females in 2011 was 14 times the number in 2001. That number’s even more significant when you figure that the number of new investment accounts overall has flattened out for the last year or two thanks to headlines like the flash crash and Bernie Madoff type rip-offs.

Even more staggering is the fact that the top 20 traders have posted of average annual return of $436,000. Who knows what that is in percentage terms, but I’m guessing it’s equally impressive.

What do these female investors do for a living? According to this infographic – absolutely everything with occupations ranging from director to self-employed.

READERS:  Why do you think the number of female traders has risen so much? Do you think the trend will continue or even accelerate?

Female trader infographic


  1. Love this! One of my goals for this year will be learning as much as I can about trading, stocks, markets, etc. in an effort to begin my own foray into this world.

  2. The number of female traders should continue to rise with time. Unlike the corporate world where office politics prevails, the market is about as meritocratic as you can get. If you are good, you will make money. The market doesn’t care about gender, race, background, nationality, etc.

    • That’s a great point Kevin. The person on one side of a trade has no idea who’s on the other end. CBNC ran a segment recently where they featured a 16 year old girl that was making a killing day trading. Age and gender will not prevent any investor from being successful.

  3. This is brilliant! I think once more women have role models to follow, they’ll find that investing is not that difficult or as hard as it seems.

    Women also tend to be less risky in their investments, which may also be a factor.

    • SSS – Absolutely! I believe your point on risk is one of the leading factors. Let us know if you ever want to write on the topic 🙂 .

  4. It’s good to see that women nowadays really excel! I can say that women are good when it comes to budgeting and talking about finances. Between me and my hubs I can proudly say that maybe if I’m not the one he married, he was totally broke and full of debts.

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