Learn More About Dennis P. Lynch, Jr. (Marshall) of Morgan Stanley

Dennis Lynch, who also goes by Marshall Lynch, is currently the Head of Morgan Stanley Counterpoint Global. In his current position, he oversees over $130 billion in assets in addition to the various equity funds that he is responsible for overseeing. Mr. Lynch is proud to be one of the top stock-fund managers around, and he has worked hard to achieve his current success. Here is more about Lynch’s story of how he grew from being a boy in the small town of Rumson, New Jersey to become one of the most prestigious stock-fund managers on Wall Street

Dennis Lynch’s Education

Dennis P. Lynch, Jr. (Marshall) grew up in the area of Rumson, New Jersey where he went to elementary school, middle school, and high school. Lynch attended Hamilton College in New Jersey, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Government in 1993. From there, he attended Columbia University Business School, where he earned his Master of Business Administration in Finance in 1998, where he graduated with honors. 

How Dennis “Marshall” Lynch Got His Start at Morgan Stanley

Upon graduating from college in 1998, Dennis P. Lynch, Jr. (Marshall) immediately began his career at Morgan Stanley. He graduated in 1998 with his Master’s degree and immediately took a position with the finance company in 1998 as a research analyst. Within just a few short years of taking on that position, Mr. Lynch was promoted and served as the head of Small and Mid Cap Growth Investing. He held that position from 2002 to 2004, until he was once again promoted within the company. 

How Dennis P. Lynch, Jr. Has Continued To Grow With Morgan Stanley

In 2004, Marshall Lynch was offered a position that would change the trajectory of his career. He was promoted to Head of Counterpoint Global at Morgan Stanley, and he has held this position since. Mr. Lynch was offered this position due to the impressive returns that he was able to generate for clients. In 2020, he had a record year and set many records for those impressive returns. For example, the Institutional Inception fund returned 150.6%, and the Institutional Discovery fund posted 142.6% returns in 2020 under Mr. Lynch’s guidance. 

What To Expect in the Future From Dennis P. Lynch, Jr. (Marshall) 

The pandemic has changed the financial world in many ways. However, despite the current situation the world is in, Mr. Lynch has continued to have impressive gains for his clients. Dennis Lynch has shown that he is adaptable and can pick stocks and investments that are valuable. For example, he continues to invest in companies leading the way with technology, such as Tesla, and in unique offerings, such as cryptocurrency. His vision for the future has helped him to be successful, and it is expected only to help him as he continues on his current path. 

Dennis Lynch, who grew up in Rumson, New Jersey, may have started his life in a fairly small town, but he has made a name for himself in a big way. Thanks to a great education and keen instincts for picking wise financial investments for his clients, Dennis “Marshall” Lynch, Jr. has risen to the top of the financial world and become one of the top stock-fund managers around. 

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