I Just Accepted a Job Offer

I just accepted a job offer

I’ll be starting a new job soon

I just accepted a job offer. I hadn’t been actively job searching, but a recruiter contacted me about a month ago, and here we are. This ended up being a blessing in disguise, as I hadn’t been happy at my job for some time now.

Changing Jobs

I’ve been at the same job for nearly 20 years, so a change for me is a big deal. I was promoted back in the Spring, so I hadn’t been actively looking to change jobs. Despite the promotion, I hadn’t been happy, so being contacted by a recruiter ended up being a welcome turn of events.

The recruiter that found me said that he discovered me on Linkedin.     

My job had become stressful and the workload overwhelming as of late, so a change was needed. I tried to stick it out, but after 2 years I couldn’t take it anymore.

The new position that I will be going to will be for a smaller company with less staff and a smaller facility. In theory, I’d imagine that the workload will be much more manageable.

Some Numbers

Thankfully, this new position comes with a raise, no loss of vacation time, and a more generous bonus structure.

Not that I really need it, but I’ve decided to keep my part time job that I’ve been working at. At least for the time being. It’s easy and isn’t bad extra money.

Saving and Investing

I’m going to have more money for saving and investing, and that is exactly what I’m going to be doing with it. I haven’t figured out actual numbers yet, but I will be boosting my cash savings and possibly the amount I’m investing monthly as well.

Wrapping Up

I just accepted a job offer and am looking forward to a career shift. I’ve been at my current company for a long time, and a change was overdue for a multitude of reasons. An increase in saving and investing are certainly in the cards, as I will be seeing a bump in salary. I’m also looking forward to learning a whole new industry and hopefully leaving my mark on the company.

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