Annual Travel Insurance: What Travelers Need to Know Before That Next Big Trip

travel insuranceFor people who travel, traveler’s insurance is a must. After all, there is no way of knowing when a flight will be delayed, a wallet will be lost, an accident will happen or a sickness will cancel a trip. For people who travel frequently, however, purchasing traveler’s insurance for every trip can become expensive in a hurry. If you’ve ever used Priceline, Orbitz or another online travel agency you’ll be sure to run into the option to insure your trip. But at what cost and is it worth the cost for one trip? Add up all your trips for a year and the insurance cost and you’ll be sure to start scratching your head.

Thankfully, there is a better option: annual travel insurance.

What is Annual Travel Insurance?

Unlike traditional traveler’s insurance, which only covers the cost of one trip, annual travel insurance covers all of the trips that a person takes or doesn’t get to take over the course of an entire year. Annual travel insurance is a fantastic choice for people who travel frequently, as it can be much cheaper and easier than purchasing individual travel insurance policies for multiple trips.

What are the Benefits of Annual Travel Insurance?

Annual travel insurance policies are fantastic for people who travel frequently. Here are three benefits they provide:

• Peace of Mind

Annual travel insurance offer the peace of mind of knowing that whatever happens to cancel, delay or otherwise jeopardize a trip, the traveler’s costs will be covered. This peace of mind is the most common reason people purchase traveler’s insurance.

• Cost-Effective

Not only is purchasing an annual travel insurance policy cheaper than purchasing separate policies for multiple trips, but having an annual travel insurance policy can also save people a significant amount of money in the event that something does happen. Annual insurance policies are well worth the money spent on them.

• Reduced Hassle

For people who travel frequently, whether for business or for pleasure, purchasing traveler’s insurance for every trip can be time-consuming and frustrating. With annual traveler’s insurance, however, the travelers only have to purchase a policy one time, and then they are covered all year long no matter how many trips they take and no matter how long or short the trips are.

What Does Annual Travel Insurance Cover?

Although the exact coverage will vary depending on the specific annual travel insurance policy, most policies cover the same four things: trip cancellations or delays, medical expenses, loss or theft and evacuations. Many annual travel insurance plans also come with a 24/7 assistance hotline, which travelers can call to find the nearest hospital, to replace a lost prescription, to order replacements for lost or stolen paperwork, or to request a translator for an emergency situation.

For people who love or need to travel frequently, obtaining annual travel insurance is a fantastic way to help protect their trips, their possessions and their selves from any of the numerous unforeseen and negative circumstances that could happen on their trip.

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