3 Main Types of Secured Loans and Their Disadvantages

A secured loan is a type of loan that is named to depict that there is security in giving that loan to someone. It keeps the lender secure from any fraud from the client, or any kind of loss if the borrower fails to pay back the money. It is a very popular type of loan nowadays, and many menders like to make their conditions according to it to keep the future secure, and their property or money in security.

In this article, we are going to introduce three types of customer credit, or secured loan or hae kulutusluottoa that are gaining popularity in recent times. Many lenders are now working on them, running their business on their basis, and doing a lot more. However, there could be some disadvantages of secured loan, but that is not for the lender, but the borrower.

So, stay with us and learn about all this in detail.

1.  Commercial Mortgage

It is the type of secured loan that a person takes in response to purchasing some property. As the person buy the property by using the money taken from the secured loan company, they have to pay the money back. In case they fail to pay back, the lender is eligible to take that property in his custody.

It is a very secure way of dealing with borrowers because they will feel bound to pay back, and the lender is in a safe zone.

2.  Vehicle Loan

A loan taken to buy a vehicle is the same as taken for buying some commercial property. The vehicle is taken into custody by the lender in case the borrower fails to give the only back to the lender at the right time. It is also a very strict type because the insecurity that borrower feel is too much.

3.  Bridging Finance

It is the loan that a person takes on some property that is up for sale. The person buys a new property with the money taken as loan, and when the other property that is on sale is sold, the borrower pays back the money to the lender.

This loan is a little security for the borrower as well as he knows that the other property will be sold at any cost in the future.

Disadvantages of Secured Loan

The disadvantage of taking a secured loan is huge for the person borrowing that from the lender. It is because they are under pressure all the time. They have this insecurity that if they fail to pay back, what will happen. As they have to put something in the custody of the lender that is of the same worth as the money they are taking from them, so they are in danger.

For such situations, it is always recommended that the person borrowing the money must keep in mind that they have to pay back the money, and for that, they need to keep all the preparations in mind before they sign the contract with the secure loan company. They have to make sure they have something for an emergency to get rid of this situation.


Secured loans are great for both parties. It fulfills the requirements of the person taking it, and also keep the lender in security. There are strict rules and regulations that are great for both of them because both parties will be then bound to do exactly what s written in the contract. You must have learned about the types given above, so if you need any of these, you can no safely go and get it for your needs.

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