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Three Reasons to Hold a Stock for One Year

What are three reasons to hold a stock for one year? There are just as many reasons to hold a stock as there is to sell a stock, but here are three of the main reasons to hang onto your investment for at least one year. Taxes One of the first thing that comes to […]

Is It Cheaper to Settle Your Auto Accident Claim?

Auto accidents are a major concern in the United States. In Texas, more than 11,000 people die in accidental deaths every year. Losing a loved one to an auto accident is a huge concern since it’s an unexpected death and one might not know how to navigate systems. Having an auto accident alone is a […]

Whole life insurance: everything you need to know

When it comes to buying life insurance, we can’t help but look for a long-term solution to protect our loved ones. As the name would suggest, Whole life insurance ensures cover for the remainder of your life, giving your family peace of mind. 

Year End Update, 2021

It’s almost Christmas, and I have been busy with family and gift exchanging. The markets are in turmoil over Omicron and interest rates, but my finances are looking strong as 2021 draws to a close. Here is a quick year end update. Finances 2021 was a good year for my portfolio. In fact, my overall […]

How to Set Up Your Office Space to Maximize Productivity

One of the key ingredients to any successful business is being set up for success. Being set up for success can be as simple as setting up your office space for maximum productivity. It is more important today then ever before to ensure that your office space is set up for productivity, as the average […]

When is the Perfect Time to Sell an RSU?

When is the perfect time to sell an RSU? An RSU, or restricted stock unit, is a form of stock-based compensation. They are typically issued to employees through a vesting schedule. If you receive this form of compensation, then you will probably be asking when you should cash them in. Here is a look at […]

Preventing Workplace Injuries In Your Machining Business

Any successful business knows that the road to success is based on human capital. Having a well-protected workforce is essential to a successful business. Workplace injuries cost business owners millions of dollars each year, but that is not the only cost. Loss of production and rehiring/retraining costs are other costs of workplace injuries. There are […]

December 2021 Personal Financial Update

Here is a personal financial update for December 2021. It’s been a good year. My wealth continues to increase, and my debt continues to drop. I’ve been Christmas shopping and planning for the upcoming year. Wealth Building and Debt Paydown My portfolio has grown around 15% for 2021, and it is currently hovering near a […]

Home Improvement Projects That Can Save You Money During the Winter

December is officially here, which means winter is right around the corner. If you want to take on some projects around the home while you’re stuck indoors during the cooler months, here are a few projects that can not only improve your home’s aesthetic but will also help you in saving money. Add Fresh Paint […]

How to Protect Your Commercial Business’s Water Storage Tanks

The process of installing new commercial business water tanks may be necessary but complicated for anyone doing it for the first time. Read on to see five ways in which you can set them up and protect them afterward to get the most out of their use. Find Out Necessary Maintenance Tasks To run a […]