Year End Update, 2021

year end update
year end update
2021 is drawing to a close. How did your finances fare this year?

It’s almost Christmas, and I have been busy with family and gift exchanging. The markets are in turmoil over Omicron and interest rates, but my finances are looking strong as 2021 draws to a close. Here is a quick year end update.


2021 was a good year for my portfolio. In fact, my overall portfolio is up a little over 11% for the year. There was no real magic here. Just regular investing and reinvesting my dividends.

During the same period my debt, which is only my mortgage, went down around 5%. I haven’t been paying extra on the note, but I plan to once I have a comfortable amount of cash on hand. I was looking into refinancing, but with rate hikes on the horizon I’m not sure if it would make sense. This will be something to wait and see.


2021 saw several projects get completed, both at home and at the cabin. From building a bed frame  to remodeling a bathroom, I had a busy year. There are still some projects left to do, but those will be pushed into 2022. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on what they are and how they turn out.

Rental Property

This year also was the year that we picked up our first rental property. Progress has slowed due to the holidays, but we are still on track to have it rent ready by Spring. Once the deck is installed, it will basically be ready to go.

Year End Wrap Up

This past year was challenging for a lot of people, but I made the most of it, and my portfolio has done well. How was your 2021? Post below and share your own year end update.

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