How to Set Up Your Office Space to Maximize Productivity

One of the key ingredients to any successful business is being set up for success. Being set up for success can be as simple as setting up your office space for maximum productivity. It is more important today then ever before to ensure that your office space is set up for productivity, as the average workspace has shrunk from 80 square feet in 1992 to 39 square feet in 2020. That means there is on average less space to work with. Getting organized is essential to increase productivity.

Clear the Way for Success

Any successful business owner can tell you that it is critical to stay organized. A highly organized workspace is a time saver, increases productivity, and makes it easier to focus in the space. Using organization tools like shelving, cabinets, baskets, and more will keep clutter down to a minimum.

Clutter is the enemy of a productive workspace. Everything in the workspace should have a “home” where it belongs, so when you are looking for it, you know where to find it. Dedicating a little time each week to declutter the space and ensure everything is organized to enhance productivity is a good habit to develop.

A successful business is not afraid to invest in office furniture that enhances organization. Evidently, a lot of businesses are learning that the right office furniture is not only about aesthetics but critical to staying organized. The office furniture industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2019, the office furniture industry in the United States was valued at $14.83 billion, a tremendous increase from the year before. So, invest in office furnishings that will help keep your business well-organized and expect a nice ROI on productivity.

It’s All About the Flow

Consider the layout of the space, and then consider the flow of the space. Is everything easy to reach? Shifting furniture to create easy access to file cabinets, printers, and other tools can improve productivity.

How a space flows is not just about physical attributes. Is the space welcoming and putting people in a good frame of mind? For example, does the desk face a wall? Sometimes moving a desk to face a window can have a huge impact on how work gets done. On average, people in America spend about 93% of their time indoors. Bringing some of the outdoors inside can greatly improve moods and increase productivity. A view outdoors from the desk can help.

Interior Design Features

Dark and dreary office spaces are not conducive to productivity. Walk into the office of any successful business and what you will notice is that it is bright, cheerful, well lit, and has great interior design features. Treat your office space like it is a place where people feel happy.

Cave-like settings that are dark and where décor is drab put the brain to sleep. You want people to be alert in your office space. You do not want to create an environment where it feels like nap time all the time. The right lighting, the right colors, and the right décor does make a difference in productivity. Decorating your office space and putting some thought into the design features will reward you with enhanced productivity.

The Right Tools

When outfitting your office keep in mind that whoever is sitting at the desk will be doing so for many hours a day. Ergonomic tools like an adjustable desk that can be raised and lowered can help to improve productivity. Being able to shift the desk to the most comfortable position can be a game changer for improving productivity. Ergonomic chairs, mouses for desktops, and more can all improve how work gets done and how much work gets done.

Creating a successful business starts with creating an office environment that promotes success. A little careful planning and mindfulness in creating your office space can and will improve productivity.

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