How to Protect Your Commercial Business’s Water Storage Tanks

The process of installing new commercial business water tanks may be necessary but complicated for anyone doing it for the first time. Read on to see five ways in which you can set them up and protect them afterward to get the most out of their use.

Find Out Necessary Maintenance Tasks

To run a successful business without running the risk of having your tanks destroyed, make sure you know what maintenance they need to stay in good form. 100% of tanks that hold water for human consumption, for instance, need to have protective linings and coatings. Knowing this in advance will make it easy to keep your tank in good working order for a long time to come, and this will save you the money you would have had to use to either repair or replace the tanks when they get worn out due to not being properly lined and maintained.

Find Out If You Will Get Aftercare After They’re Installed

To make sure you can run a successful business free of distractions, find out from the company installing them whether they will offer aftercare. This will help you know from the get-go whether you need to set aside a budget for aftercare. If you can anticipate a need before it arises, you will have an easier time keeping things in good working order.

Obtain Insurance

Insurance is an important part of any successful business, and in the case of commercial business water storage tanks, it’s extremely valuable. Find out from your insurance provider the covers available for you in this regard, and then decide on the specifics that would be most important for you. If you have them held by steel frames, which generally cost 5-7% less than concrete or wood frames according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you may be able to save some money while doing the best for your tanks. This will be helpful when looking for insurance for them, as it will be clear that you’re taking the right care steps.

Stay Within Budget

Make sure to get tanks that are reasonably within your budget and that also meet your needs. A tank too small may leave your business without enough water, while one that’s too big will cost you more and be underutilized. Think about this carefully so that it’s easy for your business to maintain the tanks you get and make the most out of them. Tanks within your budget will also be easier to insure while not breaking the bank for your business.

Get the Right Tank For Your Climate

Finally, tanks come in different shapes, sizes, and a variety of materials. The best one for you will depend not just on your specific needs, but also on the climate of the area your business is in. Colder climates or those that experience a drastic change in temperatures as the seasons change are going to need special considerations in order to function well, so keep this in mind. Since the United States is connected by hundreds of miles of sewage pipes that have an increased likelihood of having issues like leaks as they age, you can borrow some ideas on the material to use for your tanks based on the pipes in your general area.

The five tips above should help you take care of your commercial business’s water storage tanks and keep them in working order for a long time to come. When you reduce the risk of failure of your tanks, you will be able to run your business a lot better.

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