How Online Retailers and Other Services Keep Your Money Safe

  As everything from finance to entertainment starts to move almost exclusively into the online sphere, it’s worth checking in on your online spending habits and the security level of your favourite retailers and service providers. When it’s this easy to pay your energy bills, buy a new laptop and purchase the latest AAA gaming […]

How Project Management Software Can Drive Revenue for Your Custom Sign Business

Project management software is fast becoming an essential tool for businesses of all kinds, custom sign and printing businesses not the least. We’ve all heard about the advantages such software in terms of time management and intra-project communication, but what about in terms of revenue? For a custom sign or printing business, how does pairing […]

Reasons Your Business Should Use an Answering Service

Communication with customers, vendors, and other relevant people is essential to any business. The telephone is one of the most important tools. Even a successful small business may get a large volume of calls. Perhaps more than your staff can answer at once. There may also be times you are not available. You could be […]

Why Hiring a Consultant Can Prevent Discrimination From Occurring

Employee discrimination is the type of problem that could bury a company.  Although you don’t want to discriminate against anyone, and there’s already been a lot of growth over the last hundred years for equality: there’s still a long way to go.

Why Having No Applicant Tracking System is a Mistake

Hiring has been pushed into overdrive, with nearly every large company saying that they lack employees.  Although countless workers are out there looking for jobs, it’s hard to keep track of applicants if you don’t do it right.  Using an applicant tracking system can give you the chance to organize those who apply to your […]

What To Do If Your Company Has Bad Credit

Bad credit is difficult to overcome as an individual, but at a commercial level, it can seriously hinder the financial health of your business. 

How to Begin Renting Out Apartments

The rental market is hot right now, thanks to millennials who seem to be living at home a bit longer and empty nesters who are looking for less yard work and home repairs. Like anything though, the rental market has its ups and downs. If you want to become a landlord, be sure to do […]

Here’s Why You Should Take A Personal Loan At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Did you know that borrowing money isn’t always a bad thing? Unfortunately, the term personal loan has such a negative connotation in Singapore that little is known about the potential benefits of responsible borrowing. In reality, taking a personal loan can draw some benefits that you should experience at least once in your financial journey. […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Fabric

Data fabric is a new enterprise data technology that is the first real evolution of data since the 1970s when the relational database emerged. Data fabric utilizes network-based architecture to managed information through connections instead of making copies. This technology is similar to the way the human brain operates. The name “data fabric” derives from […]

Financial Services and Types of Trade Finance

Trade finance supports and facilitates the trading of goods and services both locally and internationally. Trade finance plays a vital role in accommodating transactions that promote international payments. More so, through trade finance, exposure and currency risk is mitigated.