11 Things You Do To Your Dog That Are Harmful

Girl with dog

In our quest to be the best dog parents, it’s easy to unintentionally overlook practices that might harm our furry friends. From well-intentioned habits to common misconceptions, let’s explore 11 things you might be doing to your dog that could potentially be harmful. 

Girl with dog
Young girl with a dog in the park

1. Careless Feeding

To keep your dog safe, avoid feeding them harmful foods like chocolate, avocado, onions, garlic, and grapes. If you’re unsure about suitable food choices, always consult your vet for guidance based on your dog’s unique needs.

2. Irregular Grooming

Regular brushing promotes your dog’s well-being, preventing skin issues and maintaining a shiny coat. When bathing, use pet-friendly grooming supplies to avoid stripping natural oils from the coat.

3. Hazards in Bathrooms

Ensure your dog’s safety by maintaining clean and toxin-free bathrooms. Prevent potential hazards by closing bathroom doors, which helps keep your dog away from toilet bowls and other items that may pose a risk.

4. Playtime

Choose safe toys for your dog to play with, and avoid giving them sticks or ice cubes, as these can be harmful. Keep playtime enjoyable and risk-free!

5. Keeping them at Home

Ensure your dog gets regular walks for both physical activity and mental stimulation, keeping them happy and healthy.

6. Household Toxins

Lock up household chemicals, such as cleaners and pesticides, out of reach from your dog. Use baby-proof locks to seal cabinets with toxic products.

Playful dogs
Playful dogs


Make sure to wash your dog’s bedding, soft toys, and blankets regularly to keep them fresh and clean. This is particularly important if your dog has seasonal allergies, helping to keep them comfortable and healthy.

Providing Human food

Keep human food out of your dog’s reach to ensure their safety, as some items can be harmful to them. Prevent any accidents and keep your furry friend healthy.

Crate training

If your dog learned to like their crate, leave it open even when they’re not training anymore. It can be their cozy space and make them feel safe and comfortable.

Using Retractable Leashes

These can potentially cause injury to both dogs and humans. Opt for a standard leash to ensure better control and prevent potential harm to your dog or others during walks.

Ensuring Dog Safety

Always supervise your dog and never leave them in a car, even for a short period. Be aware of potential hazards and take preventive measures to ensure your dog’s safety.

As we navigate the journey of being great dog parents, let’s be mindful of these 11 practices that might unintentionally harm our furry companions. 

By making small adjustments in their diet, grooming routine, playtime, and overall safety, we ensure our dogs lead happy and healthy lives. Let’s cherish every tail wag and sloppy kiss, providing our four-legged friends with the love and care they truly deserve.