Anti-LGBTQ Ultra-Christian Family Who Escaped to Russia Felt “Very Disappointed,” but Backtracked

Canadian family moved to Russia to escape “LGBTQ ideology,” only to learn that their bank accounts were frozen and no one speaks English. 

The mom complained on Youtube 

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Farmer Arend Feenstra and his wife Anneesa moved to Russia only a bit over a month ago. Anneesa shared in a now-deleted” YouTube video, “I’m ready to jump on a plane and get out of here. We’ve hit the first snag where you have to engage logic in this country, and it’s very, very frustrating,” Daily Mail reported. The mom also said they were “very disappointed in this country at this point.”

The dad had to apologize

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Arend said their “thoughts aren’t always conveyed properly” in the video from February 2, adding they were committed to staying in the court “for the long haul.” In a post from February 11, the mom of ten said their assets were no longer frozen, and Arend noted during the press conference, “Canada is not the same country it used to be.”

The parents were afraid of the “left-wing ideology, LGBTQ, trans” 

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Dad said, “We didn’t feel safe with our children there and for the future.” He added, “There’s a lot of left-wing ideology, LGBTQ, trans, just a lot of things that we don’t agree with they teach there now.” Arend Feenstra continued, “We wanted to get away from that for our children. But also, for economic reasons, farming has better opportunities. We felt that Russia was best.”

Kremlin to the rescue 

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The father of ten praised Russia’s “strength” to oppose these “Western pressures” and stated that the Kremlin would be able to keep “that stuff away” for many years. Arend reportedly previously whined about rainbow flags and confirmed they got the green light from Russia to move. 

The family was met with issues 

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According to the now-deleted video, the family arrived in Russia, but the local bank froze their assets because they appeared “suspicious.” But in an apology video, the father said, “As much as banks have been very frustrating in Canada for me, I know that I can sit at a desk across from someone and explain it.” He called that a “frustrating” part. 

Dad reassured the followers once again 

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The father continued, “We are not disappointed with Russia — in fact, the opposite is true. What Anneesa actually said was, ‘I am very frustrated in this country right now.’ This was a reflection of her inner frustration with not being able to speak and understand.”

Arend was allegedly asked to remove the initial video 

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The father initially confirmed a request to remove the initial video, but he backtracked and stated that it was not pressure from the Kremlin. Instead, the edited version, which appeared on February 8, was made by their own choice. The former beet farmer then talked about the language barrier. 

In Russia, people speak Russian

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Anessa expressed frustration over the language barrier, explaining, “We were naive on that. I needed to use the washroom, and on the doors said male and female, but I didn’t know which was which!” Her husband added, “In America, that wouldn’t be a problem; it’s a free-for-all in the bathrooms, but now, in our world, it matters!”

“Land of opportunity”

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The family described Russia, saying, “There’s tons of land and opportunity here.” After they saw the media was interested in them, Arend stated, “Western media, for the most part, is very biased, corrupt probably.” He continued,  “Lots of lies, lots of nonsense being spread around the West about us.”

Not “hostages” 

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Arend went on to encourage other Christian families to move to Russia and shared, “We are perfectly happy here, we’re not planning on leaving here, we’re not stuck here, we’re not hostages.”

No regrets 

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The father is glad they moved, and he shared, “I just want to farm.” He recounted, “I just want to farm and raise my kids in what I believe is a free country.”

Better spiritual life 

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In a video from September 2023, the Feenstras explained why they chose Russia. The father said, “It’s a Christian nation that is wanting conservative Christians to come.” A year before, Russia banned all public expressions of support for the LGBTQ+ community, which must be a relief for the Feenstras.

Watch the family on YouTube.

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