5 Tips For Managing Your Investment Portfolio

Investing for the sake of having enough funds for retirement and other significant expenses is among the primary things people should be planning at an earlier time. The advice about starting your investment journey as early as possible to obtain more favorable results has always been relevant when it comes to ensuring your future. While […]

Renting vs. Owning – Where Do You Stand?

What is on the checklist of your life goals besides a car and your dream job? Of course, it must be a house. However, did you know that sometimes buying a house is not as good of a choice as renting an apartment? The decision of renting an apartment vs. buying a house rests on […]

How Financial advisors can help small businesses

Starting a business, no matter how small, comes with many risks. You have to make lots of financial choices that you’re not sure if they’ll work and end up making costly mistakes that take a long time to recover. What you don’t know is that many of these mistakes can be avoided if you could […]

Top Tips for Boosting the Value of Your House in 2021

Whether your mind is set on a house move within the next year, or you’re simply laying down the groundwork for a hypothetical move sometime in the distant future, any homeowner stands to benefit from keeping one eye on the value of their home. Here are a few ways to ensure that your house will […]

5 Tips To Sell Your Home For The Most Money

Typically, selling your home can be a challenging and overwhelming process. It requires a lot of considerations to ensure a successful home selling process. However, you should understand that you’re not the only one selling real properties in the market. 

7 Tips On Choosing The Right Real Estate Investment For You

The right real estate investment can bring you a stable cash flow. You can ride on its long-term and short-term returns to plan your future, particularly when it comes to retirement plans.

5 Ways To Save Money On SR-22 Insurance

  SR-22 insurance is a type of insurance verified by your state that attests you have state-minimum car liability insurance requirements. This covers any property damage and liability resulting from a driving offense in which the insured driver is involved. 

What Zombie Debt Is and How to Dodge It

Shows like The Walking Dead may show us the horror of a zombie apocalypse, but the hit franchise neglected to include the scariest type of undead terror: zombie debt. Zombie debt can affect everyone, not only those with consolidation loans for bad credit. This article will cover everything you need to know about combatting zombie […]

Monitor Your Credit Score For Free

You know how the doctor gets you to step up on the scale in his office at your well-visit appointment?

Investment management: Is your portfolio too concentrated?

South Africa has a rather small equities market compared to the rest of the world, with only a minor selection of noteworthy shares across a few sectors available in which to invest. The result can be that it puts investors’ portfolios at risk of being overly concentrated, meaning its susceptible to market volatility. It’s crucial […]