Preventing Workplace Injuries In Your Machining Business

Any successful business knows that the road to success is based on human capital. Having a well-protected workforce is essential to a successful business. Workplace injuries cost business owners millions of dollars each year, but that is not the only cost. Loss of production and rehiring/retraining costs are other costs of workplace injuries. There are steps you can take in your machining business to reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

Training Is Vital

Ask any successful business owner how important safety training is, and you will hear over and over that it is a critical component of reducing the risk of workplace injuries. The number of workplace injuries reported in Kansas alone is about 40,000 injuries per year. In many of those instances, improper training in how to use personal protective equipment was the cause of the injury.

A machining business should incorporate training in PPE, like how to properly use welders’ helmets and face masks, as part of their quality control program. Many injuries can be avoided if proper training is mandatory for both new employees and existing employees.

Any time new equipment is added to a machining business, safety training should take place. That safety training should be given to every employee, even the employees that never encounter the equipment. A strong safety training program can mean a successful business.

Invest In Protective Equipment and Ergonomic Tools

Most machining businesses understand what normalizing is. It is a technique that uses extreme heat to increase steel grain. Temperatures can be as high as 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Most machining businesses will have plenty of PPE on hand for anyone that works around those temperatures but may skimp out on other safety equipment for other areas.

A successful business will look for ways to improve every station’s safety protocols and equipment. For example, more than 200 conditions will affect joints. Of those conditions, many are brought on by repetitive motion. Providing employees with ergonomic tools that are easier on the joints can reduce the number of injury claims for joint injuries.

Investing in safety equipment and ergonomic equipment for every employee is an investment that will help to make your machining business successful. It is a worthy investment.

Material Handling and Inadequate Ventilation

The workflow of your shop can affect the risk of workplace injuries. Strains from material handling are one of the biggest threats to your workforce. Ensure that you have the proper equipment on hand for material handling. Be sure that materials are stored safely and securely. Slip and fall accidents are also very common in the machining business. Keep materials out of the aisles and walkways.

Make clean and uncluttered workstations a requirement. Employees are often injured because of other employee carelessness. Having a policy in place that requires employees to keep their workstations clean is essential.

It is necessary that there is adequate ventilation in the machining business as well. Poor ventilation can cause illness. Check the ventilation systems regularly for proper operation. Regular maintenance of the ventilation system and making repairs as necessary can greatly reduce the risk of illness and injury.

Listen to Employee Complaints

Every successful business owner knows that employees are the backbone of their business and can bring some innovative ideas to the table. If employees are able to share their concerns and those concerns can be addressed, a business can often reduce the risk of employee injuries.

Employees that work in the shop every day often notice ways to improve safety. They have experience working with the equipment, materials, and tools that management does not. If an employee complains about a machine guard (one of the most common causes of accidents in a machining business), take the complaint seriously and make the repairs that are necessary.

Putting time and effort into making your machining business a safer place for everyone to be will help you to create a successful business. Safety should always be a priority, so make it a priority for your business today.

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