Judge Cannon Denies Trump’s Request, Deals Defendants Another Blow in 24 Hours

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon denied former President Donald Trump's request to see more of the classified evidence submitted by the federal prosecutors. This is the second time in 24 hours that she denied a request against Trump and co-defendants … [Read More...]



Even Some Republicans Believe Special Counsel’s Report On Biden “Crossed The Line”  

Special Counsel Robert Hur dropped a bombshell report that did charge President Biden, but it went after his memory and abilities to recall information in such a manner that even some Republicans believed he was out of line.  Hur's vision of Biden  The … [Read More]

Republican Senator Slammed for Defending Putin

On Friday, Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville wrote on X that he believed Putin was open to a peace agreement, and that it was the US preventing the war from ending. The claim drew widespread criticism from both Republicans and Democrats. Tuberville’s … [Read More]

Ex-Attorney for Trump Criticizes Former President’s Legal Tactics

Ty Cobb, once an attorney for former President Donald Trump, dismissed Trump’s legal tactics as “frivolous” in a comment to The Guardian that was published in January. Cobb explained that Trump merely seeks to delay the trials until after the 2024 … [Read More]

Man Hired by Trump to Prove Election Fraud Debunks President’s Claim

Trump's endeavors to prove election fraud through a company specializing in large-scale database analytics solutions ultimately backfired as the owner revealed that Trump was consistently pushing a "lie" that the investigation had debunked. Trump's $750,000 … [Read More]

Judge Kaplan Finally Registers Judgment in Trump Defamation Case

On Thursday, Judge Lewis Kaplan entered his judgment on writer and journalist E. Jean Carroll’s $83.3 million defamation case against Trump. That starts a thirty-day clock ticking for Trump to attempt to appeal the judgment before he is forced to pay … [Read More]

Haley Calls Nevada Race a “Scam” Rigged In Trump’s Favor, Vows To Stay In The Race 

Nikki Haley discussed her Nevada defeat and accused the former president and likely GOP nominee of pulling a "scam" and rigging the state primary.  Haley 31: Anoyone else 63 Haley received 31 percent of the votes in Nevada, compared to 63 percent who … [Read More]