How to Make More Money: Side Hustle

Money is something that interests everyone. It is one topic that unites us all and most people in the world are interested in how to make more money. Some people dream about what they would do with more money while others, myself included, go out and do it. Why one chooses to make more money varies person-to-person. For me it is to get out of debt while others make more money to fund their passions in life. Whatever the reason there are many ways to make more money if you’re willing to put the effort into it.

Here are a few ways you can make more money, over and above your regular job. What we in the personal fiance niche like to call, side hustle.

side hustle make more money


Starting a blog may sound easy but anyone who does it will be quick to tell you it is far from easy work. In order to make money blogging you need time, dedication and lots of both. You really do have to love what you’re doing and writing about if you’re going to become at all successful at monetizing your blog. Rule number one of blogging (should) be don’t blog to make money, blog because you love it and money will come to you. If it’s something you already do, or are committed to trying, it can be a very rewarding and lucrative side income to help with your make more money goals.


Everyone has talent that can be shared and capitalized on. You just need to get creative with how you pitch your talents. I’m already a blogger so putting myself out there as a freelance writer was a no-brainer. If writing isn’t your forte, look at other talents, tutoring, photography, editing, resume building, anything! My husband has an excellent grasp on the English language and is a thorough reader and writer, editing is one of his strengths and if he wanted could easily sign up to make more money on a site like Fivver to edit papers for academics. Look around online and via classifieds to see what people are looking and see if your talents can help them while making money for yourself.

Sell Your Crap

We all have it. Too much stuff. Selling stuff you don’t want or need is a great way to make more money and is pretty easy. Take pictures and post online or host a well-organized yard sale. Whatever your financial goal is, selling your old stuff is always a great starting point. If you get good at spotting good deals at second-hand stores or yard sales you may even be able to make a decent secondary income flipping stuff.

Online Surveys/Mystery Shop

There are many different online survey sites that pay you for your time and opinions. Mystery shopping is another great, and semi-easy way to make a few extra bucks. Though I have little experience with online surveys, I have mystery shopped. I had my pick of mystery shop and was easy money. I most enjoyed the restaurant shops where I would be required to eat a meal, get reimbursed for the meal plus a small stipend for my effort and report. Easy work and free meal! Though I think it would be difficult and time-consuming to make a lot of extra money with mystery shopping I wouldn’t rule it out for a way to make more money entirely.

Have you, or do you, put efforts into making more money? Why?

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