Personal Reflection for June 2020

Corn hole board project during lockdown
Homemade corn hole boards
Covid project

It’s hard to believe that it is already the middle of June. This personal reflection for June 2020 is going to be some random thoughts and events that have been going on in my life. I’ll save a financial update for another time, since not much has changed since my last personal reflection a couple of weeks ago. Here we go.

Spending Time at Camp

We’ve been spending a lot of time at our cabin these past few months. The lockdown has made it an even more perfect place to get away to. We’ve hosted a couple small get togethers for fishing, kayaking, and good food and drinks with friends around the campfire. It hasn’t been all fun though. I have managed to get some projects done there. There will be more work to do over the course of the summer.

Staying Home

As you can imagine, we’ve been at home a lot as well. I’ve mentioned that I am still working and still reporting to work, so that helps break up the monotony. But despite things starting to reopen a lot of things remain closed or altered. So, home it is for us on most weeknights. We have been keeping busy, however. Our garden is growing nicely, as is our berry bushes and our fruit trees. The pool is up and running as well. I also built a set of corn hole boards for a friend of ours.

One high note is that my gym has reopened. It feels great to be lifting weights again. I’ve been taking it slow and just trying to get a feel for everything again. Nearly three months away from the weight room has made me a bit out of shape. Just like finances, slow and steady wins the race.

Fun with Friends

Despite the lockdown we have managed to have a few small social gatherings with friends outside of hosting people at our cabin. We recently went camping for the weekend in a state park a couple hours from home. The weekend was filled with good food, socializing around the fire, and several miles of hiking. We also were at a party last weekend at a friend’s farm. More socializing, playing games, and a fireworks show filled the weekend.

In Closing

The point of this personal reflection was to prove that despite an ongoing lockdown it is still possible to live life, have some fun, and be productive. Hopefully, you have been finding fun and constructive ways to spend your time. Until next time.

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