Justin Weinger

How Long is a Dollar Bill Around? Here’s The Lifespan of a One Dollar Bill

How long do those filthy, overly-used, disease-ridden, cocaine-encrusted (you know I’m joking, right?) one dollar bills last? The lifespan of a one dollar bill is a bit longer than you might expect. Before you read the weekly infographic below take a look at this Federal Reserve website’s graph of the lifespan of U.S. paper money. How […]

The History of Trading: Who Were the First Stock Traders and What Can We Learn From Them?

If you look through the history of trading, you’ll see stock markets did not begin as the gargantuan behemoths they are today. The beginnings of trading wasn’t in stocks, as “companies” didn’t exist as they do today. In 12th century France there were those, on behalf of banks, in charge of managing and regulating debts […]

6 Tips to Save Your Business Some Money

Theoretical advice is always nice, but if you’re in a constant struggle to keep your business afloat, you’ll need real assistance from those who’ve actually been in the same boat. To that end, here’s a quick look at some money-saving tips that are real ideas that can help you to cut your costs and make […]

Where to Get Cash Quickly When You Don’t Have an Emergency Fund

Financial emergencies happen for all of us, and when they occur, you’ll need a stash so that you’ll be able to cover any expenses. However, many Americans don’t have any sort of emergency fund, and will need cash with a quickness. There are a few ways to get that cash. Here’s a quick look at […]

How To Build A Better Relationship With Money

There are plenty of sayings out there about money, like, “Money is the root of all evil” and “More money leads to more problems.” While these statements may have a hint of truth in them, these concepts are primarily believed because of how people think about and treat money. When people have no idea how […]

Investing With Limited Funds: Tips For Getting Your Feet Wet

Although it comes with risks, investing is one of the most efficient ways to secure your financial future. While most people are aware of this fact, many avoid this opportunity due to limited funds. The assumption is that investing is for people with hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare. Consequently, millions of people overlook […]

Emotional Shopping: Six Tips for Keeping Your Impulse Spending To a Minimum

As human beings, we’re inherently emotionally-driven creatures, even if we fancy ourselves to be relatively level-headed. Even if we know better, it’s still all too normal to succumb to the occasional passionate outburst. Whether we’ve gotten a bit of good news and we want to celebrate, or we’ve unfortunately been on the receiving end of […]

5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the surest and trusted ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. Everyone has financial liabilities, but unforeseen circumstances can occur and make it hard or impossible to keep up with your financial obligations. However, a life insurance policy can secure the financial future of your dependents. Your life insurance […]

By Saying No to the Following Items, You Will Be Able to Say Yes When It Matters

It is hard to say no to things you really want, especially when you have the money burning a hole in your pocket. That is when you will have to demonstrate a level of maturity that eludes people with a lower financial IQ. If you tend to buy whatever you want the moment you want […]

All Things Finance Talks About All Things Wedding

Weddings should be the most romantic day for a couple, but they can be stressful and expensive. So to create a memorable occasion, couples should have a financial plan. Below are five financial ins and outs to consider for a wedding: Financial Conversations Before getting married, a couple should have a clear discussion on money […]