Thinking About Investing Your Stimulus? How To Do It Wisely

The third round of stimulus checks is in the works for struggling Americans. And while the amount is more than twice that of the second stimulus check, it still won’t go a long way in helping families. Not only that, it might not do much to stimulate the economy as a whole at this stage […]

Will Bitcoin Become a Safe Haven Again?

The beginning of the year has been a complicated few months for a lot of people. As the world faces the most horrific pandemic we’ve seen in decades, the economy has begun to stumble, with traditional fiat currency taking a massive blow. People who have spent years or decades investing their cash into long-term solutions […]

Why Saving Money Should be a Priority

There are plenty of articles out there on saving money, but most of them don’t answer one question, which is why do you need to in the first place? These articles are written as though doing so is self-evident, but if you are young and have no dependents, especially if you are making a good […]

At What Age Should You Start Thinking About a Life Insurance Policy?

Far too many people think that they only need life insurance when they get married and have children. Between your student loans and all the other monthly expenses that add up, you might think that paying your rent is more important and that you can put off life insurance for a few years or more. […]

Overcoming the Hold Money Has on Your Life

They say that money can’t buy you happiness, yet daily people stress and struggle to obtain it. Yes, having money is necessary to buy things you need and want, but life isn’t to be defined by how much money you have or the possessions you own. All too often, people are so focused on paying […]

What Should You Know Before Moving from Demo to Real Trading?

If you are about to take the leap from demo trading to real trading, then you need the right game plan. After all, when you are playing with real money there are real consequences. You don’t want to miss key opportunities to grow your wealth or fall into investing traps that sink your investments either. […]

Eliminate the Debt and Live Your Life

If you currently live the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, you know all too well the challenges you face. You get paid and the day after you have nothing left to live on. It’s not a comfortable lifestyle by any means. And, any minor setback, like a notice of a past due imminent bill can turn your delicate […]

What are the Best Performing ETFs in 2019?

There has been a divergence in sector performance in 2019, as both the Nasdaq 100 and the S&P 500 index have hit all-time highs. The best performing sector in 2019 has been the technology space which is up 21% year to date. The worst performing sector is energy, which is down 10% year to date. […]

Exciting Samsung Deals This Summer

The summer of 2018 is sure to be a very interesting summer as other smartphone competitors are gearing up production to meet the demands of the consumers. But with Samsung Electronics, this summer will be one with new production, exciting smartphones, and some very fascinating deals for all to behold. The pioneer of the curved […]

Great Non-Stock Investment Options for the Risk Averse

All investments incur some form of risk, but none quite as much as stocks. Given the volatility of stocks, some potential investors might be inherently averse to holding most of their assets in this format. On the plus side, the stock market is not the only place to invest. There are, in fact, excellent alternative […]