Last Chance to Work on the Rental Cottage

last chance to work on the rental cottage
last chance to work on the rental cottage
Our first guests arrive in less than a week.

This past weekend was our last chance to work on the rental cottage before our first guests arrive. We had another productive weekend. Here is a rundown of everything that we accomplished.


The largest project this past weekend was building a firepit area in the backyard. We had 10 yards of gravel delivered, so we used it to make a path to the firepit and make a seating area around the fire ring. A portion of the gravel was also used to freshen up the driveway and make a path along the house from the new deck.

We also got a load of firewood for fires. There is a spot cleared out in the backyard that was a perfect place to store wood.

Other odds and ends included hanging some pictures and décor, organizing and stocking the kitchen with cookware and utensils, adding a recliner chair to the living room, and giving the place a good cleaning.

We also secured a cleaning service to clean in-between guests. The last step will be to find a lawncare company and set up trash service. Calls have been made to both.


As of this writing we have 9 bookings that total around $4000 in rents. I’m predicting an uptick in bookings as the weather breaks. Right now, we are listed on Airbnb but we may expand to other sites or list privately to help increase our exposure.

Wrapping Up

It’s been a lot of work, but this past weekend was our last chance to work on the rental cottage before guests arrive. We’re excited to go live with this property and see how our first season goes. My next update will be after we’ve had some guests, so I’ll be sharing what we’ve learned and what we can do better. Until next time.

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