How to Make Money on YouTube Using Stock Footage

how to make money on YouTube using stock footage

A Creative Commons license allows you to use other peoples’ content as your own.

Here is an overview on how to make money on YouTube using stock footage. If you’ve ever wanted to try to make money on YouTube, but you don’t want to make unique videos, then here is a way to do it.

Creative Commons

YouTube grants creators the ability to mark their videos Creative Commons. This is the standard way to allow your work to be shared by others. The original creator retains the copywrites to the video, and other users can use your work subject to the terms of the license.

A Creative Commons license may only be used on 100% original content, and if a video has a Content ID claim on it, then it can’t be marked as Creative Commons.

If you mark one of your videos with a Creative Commons license, then you grant the entire YouTube community to use and edit your work.

Any video that you create as 100% original content, videos marked with a CC by license, and videos in the public domain are all eligible for a Creative Commons license.

Making Money on YouTube

How do you make money on YouTube? You don’t actually get paid on people watching your videos. Rather, you are paid when people watch or click on an ad that is shown in your video. Pay varies, but it is said that on average you will earn around $18 per 1000 ad views.

If you are fortunate enough to create content that reaches millions of people, then you could earn several thousand a month. This is assuming you keep putting out content to a returning audience.

People earning this type of income are normally ones who are creating new and unique content. While it is possible to earn money using other peoples’ content, be aware that it will be harder.

Using Other People’s Content

A quick tutorial on using Creative Commons YouTube videos can be found here. The process itself is straightforward, but the trick is finding quality content that others aren’t using and monetizing it for your own profit.


Have you ever wondered how to make money on YouTube using stock footage? If a creator marked their video with a Creative Commons license, then you are allowed to use it for your own monetary gain.

This can be a way to earn extra income but be aware that making significant income on YouTube will most likely require you to regularly create new and unique content to a large loyal audience.

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