The Rental Property is Accepting Bookings

the rental property is accepting bookings

Guests will soon be arriving at our cottage

The rental property is accepting bookings. We listed the property a few weeks ago and have already received 3 bookings for the upcoming season. There is still some work to do, but bookings are starting to roll in.

Work in Progress

There are still a handful of projects to do before we open our cottage to guests. Bookings aren’t available until May 1st, so that gives us a couple months to tie up lose ends.

Still to do are finish hanging blinds in the windows, change out the washer and dryer, changing some of the lighting fixtures, and installing necessary safety equipment.

There will also be a deck installed when the weather breaks, but we are having that work done by a contractor.

Looking ahead long-term, we will be installing a new roof, putting in new flooring, and remodeling the bathroom. These projects won’t be for a year or two, but the overall goal is to make the cottage as updated and inviting to guests as possible.

Booking Details

The property is listed through Airbnb.  We’ve already seen some good interest with 3 bookings and nearly $2000 in rental income secured so far. Once the weather breaks I’m expecting the bookings to ramp up.

We still have to find a host to clean and look after the property between guests. Until then, we’ll be hosting the property ourselves. The goal is to make this investment as passive as possible.

Looking Ahead

The rental property is accepting bookings. There is still a lot of work to do, and I’m sure that there will be a lot of things to learn. Keep following along for updates on our progress.

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