Listing Our Rental Property

rental property

The rental is officially listed and will be available in the Spring.

We have officially listed our rental property. Pictures have been taken, and a description has been put on the webpage. The property won’t be available for bookings until May, as there is still some work to do. But the time to start accepting guests is getting close.

Odds and Ends

There is still some work to do to make the cottage rent ready. Some big jobs and some small.

This past weekend we changed out a light fixture in the kitchen and started hanging window blinds. We also started the process of obtaining quotes for a new roof and a deck.

Beyond that, we still have to add safety features to the property. Fire extinguishers, CO detectors, and a first aid kit are top priorities. We also have to do some landscaping and some minor electrical work.

There is also still the matter of finding a host for the property to do cleaning and yard maintenance.

Setting up the Rental

Setting up the rental property has been easy and straightforward. We chose to book through Airbnb, and they make the process painless. After we have used the platform for a time I will give a more in-depth review.

Activating a property is as simple as providing pictures, a description, and bank and tax information.

Looking Ahead

Spring is fast approaching, and we are excited to start renting our property. I’ll be continuing to provide updates, and hopefully will be able to share a success story of a profitable rental unit.

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