Working on the Rental Property

There have been a few issues uncovered at the property, but progress is being made.

We’ve been spending the past couple weekends working on the new rental property. There are a few things to repair and a few other things that we want to upgrade. Here is what we’ve been up to.

Deck and Permitting

The cottage needs a new deck. There is no way around it and no way to repair the existing deck. We have the plans drawn up, but we need to obtain a permit from the local government office. Trying to contact them has been more than frustrating. They don’t return calls, texts, or emails. Stopping in at the office was also a dead end, as the door was locked. A large sign on the door directs you to call the very number that no one ever answers or calls you back from.

We were hoping to be building by now, but it looks like it will have to wait. All is not lost, as we still have some decent weather ahead before everything freezes over. So, we will keep trying to contact them.

The lesson learned here is to start getting the ball rolling with local officials before closing. Had we been able to contact someone before we closed, we may already have the deck completed.

General Work

We’ve had a few problems with the place. The well pump lost prime, so we weren’t getting water. Luckily it was a quick fix. Dumping water down the pump and into the water lines fixed the problem.

A few of the lighting fixtures aren’t working. I was planning on changing them out anyway, so it’s not a big issue.

A few days of rain exposed some low spots in the yard and the places where water likes to lay. This one is a blessing, as we are going to be having gravel delivered to make a driveway and seating area. Now we know exactly where to gravel and where to add some fill to the yard.

The lesson learned here is to prepare for problems. A home inspection will not find everything. Whether you are buying a rental property or a house to live in, prepare to have at least some repairs to deal with. Budget for them, and you will be fine.

Wrapping Up

Working on the rental property has been our focus the past couple weekends. We’ve had a few issues to work through, but we are making progress. The goal has always been to have the place rent ready by the Spring of 2022. That goal should easily be met. I’ll keep updating everyone on our progress.

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