The Work on Our Rental Continues

the work on our rental continues
the work on our rental continues
Our first guests will be coming in less than a month

The work on our rental continues. We recently did some interior work, and a deck was just installed a few days ago. There is about a month left before our first guests arrive, so it’s getting to be crunch time to tie up all the loose ends.

Interior Work

Last weekend we painted the bathroom, installed a new ceiling fan, and finished hanging window blinds. We also gave the place a good cleaning and got rid of a fair amount of trash and clutter.

Still to do inside this year are building a wood accent wall, partitioning off the laundry room area, change out the washer and dryer, and painting the living room.

Longer term projects are new flooring, new ceilings, and some new lighting.

Exterior Work

We had a deck built a few days ago. Once the weather warms more it will be water sealed and furnished.

Still on our list for this year are having more gravel delivered for the driveway and firepit area, having fill dirt delivered for landscaping, repainting the exterior of the cottage, and planting a few trees on the property.

Long-term we will installing a new metal roof and clearing some of the land in the backyard.

Booking Info

We just received our eight confirmed booking a few hours before the writing of this article. So far, we have a little over $3500 in rents. The season hasn’t begun yet, so total rents for this year should be healthy.

The Work Continues

The work on our rental continues. We’ve been busy. There is still a lot to do, but a lot has gotten done. It’s getting to be crunch time as our first guests are set to arrive in less than a month. I’ll be continuing to post updates as the weeks roll on. Until next time.

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